Novaled founders nominated for Deutscher Zukunftspreis based on OLED technology development

Aug. 29, 2011
Date Announced: 29 Aug 2011 Three of Novaled's founders are being recognized for their work with OLED technologies. German Federal President Christian Wulff has nominated the team for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis Award for Innovation and Technology.Karl Leo, Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth and Martin Pfeiffer developed OLED technologies able to reduce the energy consumption of an OLED product. Thanks to these newly discovered innovations, OLED technologies are now being utilized in flat panel displays, low power lighting and efficient and flexible solar cells.This news marks further OLED innovations by Novaled. Earlier this year, the company announced the development of white PIN OLEDs. This annual prize honors creative teams of people that realize breakthrough achievements in science and the subsequent industrial exploitation of these new scientific results. The winner will be announced by the Christian Wulff on December 14 in Berlin.+++Press Release+++Novaled AG, a leading company in OLED and organic electronics technology and materials, is pleased to announce that three of Novaled’s founders have been nominated for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis, the Federal Presidents Award for Innovation and Technology.The team of Prof. Karl Leo (Technical University of Dresden and Fraunhofer IPMS Dresden), Dr. Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth (Novaled AG) and Dr. Martin Pfeiffer (now at Heliatek GmbH) is nominated for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis – the German federal president’s prize for Innovations in Science and Technology. This annual prize honours creative teams of people realizing breakthrough achievements in science and the subsequent industrial exploitation of these new scientific results.The nominee team made remarkable developments in the field of Organic Electronics. At the Technical University Dresden they developed unique OLED technologies able to radically reduce the energy consumption of an OLED product. These technologies find their application in new generations of flat panel display, low power lighting and efficient and flexible solar cells. Karl, Jan, and Martin are at the origin of a strong Organic Electronics cluster in Saxony; especially with the creation of Novaled AG and Heliatek GmbH (a producer of organic solar cell products).“I am excited to work in these very promising Organic Electronics fields” says Dr. Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth, today Chief Scientific Officer of Novaled. “It makes me proud to be part of the Novaled team that has transformed our basic ideas into a successful business. The doping technology is becoming one of the standards in the various organic electronics domains from OLED display, OLED lighting and organic solar cells and through to innovative large area electronics applications.”“We are very thankful to Karl, Jan and Martin for the strong contribution they have brought to the success of Novaled”, says Gildas Sorin, CEO of Novaled AG. ”We share their pride in being nominated for the Deutsche Zukunftspreis 2011. With this honour Novaled feels encouraged to develop further its key player role in the organic electronics industry.”The award handing over to the winner will be done by the German Federal President Christian Wulff on December, 14th in Berlin. About NovaledNovaled AG is a world leader in the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) field and specializes in high efficiency long lifetime OLED structures and is an expert in organic electronics. The company is known for its Novaled PIN OLED® technology, its proprietary OLED materials and the customized OLED products and services. Novaled has developed long term partnerships with major OLED producers throughout the world. Based on more than 400 patents granted or pending, Novaled has a strong IP position in the field of OLED technology, and was named No. 1 in a list of ‘up and coming’ world market leaders by the German newspapers Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche. Its main investors include eCAPITAL, Crédit Agricole Private Equity, TechnoStart, TechFund and CDC Innovation. For further details please visit About OLEDsOLEDs (organic light-emitting diode) are semiconductors made of thin organic material layers of only a few nanometers thickness. They emit light in a diffuse way to form an area light source. In a fast growing display market OLEDs are key part of a revolution: the dream of paper-thin, highly efficient displays with brilliant colors and great flexibility in design. OLEDs represent the future of a vast array of completely new lighting applications. By combining color with shape, organic LEDs will create a new way of decorating and personalizing personal surroundings with light.

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