Blueboo introduces LED street-light controller

Aug. 3, 2011
Date Announced: 03 Aug 2011 Street light controller is a device that is used for controlling the operation of street lights by microcomputer control, light control, time control, manual control integration with double output. It can control the load power by partitioning period of time and arbitrarily set programming. It has lots of protection functions such as voltage protection, safety lightning protection, load intermittent road protection, polarity reverse connect protection,load over current protection, reverse discharge protection, energy-saving and low voltage protection, charge voltage protection, load startup transient large current protection, LED constant current source transformation and real-time record function.The street light controller offers temperature compensation to storage battery with static average power loss≤0.05MA and MCT maximum current tracking; -45 ℃ ~ 90 ℃ high/low temperature resistance laboratory performance test can guarantee -35 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ high/low temperature in the long-term normal usage at least.street light controller can be applied in solar photovoltaic lighting system, which coordinates the working of solar panels, batteries and lights, and is an important module to the whole system. With its virtues of one-touch process, convenient operation, excellent capability and reliable quality, the street light controller is a multifunctional and all-purpose controller, special for various street lights and indoor lighting system.Street light controller is adopted microcomputer control technology, and assembles the most advanced power devices. The operation condition of the controller is easy tocheck with its accurate intelligent LED display, and adapts to cold, heat, humidity and other harsh environment. Different from other street light controller, BLUEBOOstreet light controller adds overall protection, ensuring the whole solar photovoltaic system to operate with efficiency and safety.BLUEBOO street light controller has the function of intelligent temperature compensation and efficient battery charging mode, which ensures the storage battery to work in the best situation of charging and discharging, thus greatly extending the lifespan of the battery.Specifications to Intellgent street light controller1. Body:Die-cast aluminium body with high strength, compact structure and smooth profile.2. Reflector: High purity aluminium.3. Material: Quality steel.5. Easy repair and free maintenance. 6. Easy installation.Technical Parameters1. High performance optical system, Improved visibility and reduce glare.2. IP Rating: IP653. Inspection: ISO9001:2000; CE; RoHs.5. Working environment: -35 ℃--75 ℃ BLUEBOO successfully designed the street light controller with microcomputer control which controlled on/off line street light operation, maintenance management and emergency on/off street light operation with high technology. BLUEBOOIntelligent street light controller can save energy compared with traditional manual operation. In addition, the street light controllers have the advantages of low energy consumption and long lifespan, which not only helps to decrease the maintenance cost and electricity bills, but also helps to reduce energy demand, environmental pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions.

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