Kingsun LED products achieve world-class CB certification

Aug. 16, 2011
Date Announced: 16 Aug 2011 LED lighting products from Kingsun have got the CB certification recently, which is universally recognized by over fifty member countries in IECEE system. At the same time, witnessed and accredited by Nemko lab, Kingsun has become the first company holding Nemko certification in national optoelectronic industry, which represents Kingsun has reached the world-class advanced level in lab construction.Nemko is a cosmopolitan independent testing and certification authority for mechanical and electrical products, which has been playing an important role in international CB solution development history. Designated as a notified body for LVD, EMC Directive, CPD and other aspects by EU, it is not only a national but also an international accredited authority. Mr Yuanbin CHEN, general manager from South China branch Company of Nemko, said that, after acquiring the testing report recognized by more than fifty member countries of IECEE system and CB certification issued by Nemko this time, kingsun LED lighting products will receive the NCB certification from member countries and could enter into their domestic markets without doing repetitive testings. In addition, CB certification and testing report are also universally recognized among non-member countries, which have become the important document proving quality safety of electrical products in B2B business.

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