American Opto Plus delivers Color-On-Demand SMD LEDs

Aug. 18, 2011
Date Announced: 18 Aug 2011 Pomona, CA - American Opto Plus LED Corp., a leading LED manufacturer and design house, announced the release of production Color On Demand PLCC SMD LEDs. Available in all PLCC packages from PLCC-2, PLCC-4 to PLCC-6. Using mixture of licensed color phosphor. Special colors can be achieved with minimal bin spread. Production colors include Ice Blue, Warm White, Pinkish White or virtually any color in the visible spectrum. Currently widely used in Automotive Interior Lighting.Regardless from Home Application to Outdoor Lightings. These LED Life is estimated to meet LM80 standards and testing is on going for certification.For product details please contact American Opto Plus.

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