Foiled aluminum for PCB production from Polytronics Technology Corporation

Aug. 17, 2011
Date Announced: 17 Aug 2011 NEON-EK introduces foiled aluminum for PCB production from Polytronics Technology Corporation. The main characteristic of this material is high thermal conductivity that is 20 times higher than traditional epoxy system that allows applying it in systems with intensive heat-up. While PCB based on Polytronics foiled aluminum is affected by high temperature, it saves its form and has no bending. Today there are only few companies produce material for metal-base PCB manufacturing. The advantages of Polytronics foiled aluminum is in dry method of insulator production (unlike other manufacturers using wet process), that allows to provide high precision of insulator thickness 80-200 micron. It also enables even thermal conductivity along axes, good coupling of the layers, high flexibility and mechanical strength. NEON-EK stock has always available foiled aluminum with thermal conductivity 2, 4, 8W/mK with the following specification:Aluminum base thickness – 1.5 mmInsulation (P/P) thickness - 100 micronCopper thickness – 35 micronInsulator conductivity -2, 4, 8 W/mKAluminum base conductivity (5052) - 140W/mKBreakdown voltage 4 KVGlass-transition temperature (Tg) -140Should you have any questions, please, contact NEON-EK, Ltd. - official distributor of Polytronics Technology Corporation in Bulgaria or send e-mail to [email protected]

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