NEON-EK introduces new secondary optics from Ledlink Optics Inc.

Aug. 16, 2011
Date Announced: 16 Aug 2011 NEON-EK introduces novelties from Taiwan company Ledlink Optics Inc.-the manufacturer of high-quality secondary optics for power LEDs.New lenses can be applied for XPE/G, XML, 1LS6, 1LA5 LED series and used for street lamps production. Specifications of secondary optics are shown in table.For optics production there are used only high-quality materials (PMMA and PC) which guarantees high lenses efficiency. By applying lenses client can reduce expenses for street lamp installation. Using parametric search at NEON-EK official web site you can find necessary secondary optics for power LEDs. NEON-EK stock has always available lenses (for OSRAM, NICHIA, CREE LEDs, etc.) with various specification and application such as home lighting, commercial lighting, street lighting or architectural lighting.

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