Eco-story rolls out new LED refrigerated case lighting fixture

March 14, 2011
Date Announced: 14 Mar 2011 Portland, ME – Eco-story, a leader in LED lighting solutions, today announced that it has added LED refrigerated case lighting fixtures to its portfolio of products. Eco-story decided to add the product because of high demand for sustainable, uniform LED lighting in refrigerated displays for convenience stores, grocery stores and markets that require case lighting. The standard case light operates at less than 19W per door, compared to the industry average of 26W, and has a single solid-state power supply and uniform light distribution. Stock color temperature is 3500K with a minimum 80 CRI, though custom color options are available. The fixture is offered in 48”, 60”, and 72” versions. The product carries a five-year warranty and is NSF and Design Lights Consortium approved. The majority of case installations are expected to realize return on investment in approximately two years. “The main challenge with case lighting is how to distribute the light evenly and we’ve noted that many competing products create both dark and hot spots on the product,” said Bill Stauffer, co-founder of Eco-story. “This new product not only cuts energy costs but also distributes light evenly.” In fact, the fixture offers a unique design that allows the light to be adjusted in stores to optimize light distribution for shelves that range from three to 12 inches deep. The refrigeration case light fixture is being manufactured in the U.S. and is competitively priced against similar products manufactured in China.Eco-story, based in Portland, Maine and with an office in Denver, has a strong track record of manufacturing quality interior lighting for restaurants, retail stores and hotels. Eco-story’s LED lights have proven to save money for businesses over traditional incandescent lamps, while retaining the look and ambiance businesses desire.To see imagery or learn additional specs on the refrigerated case LED lights, visit For sales inquiries, please contact Bill Stauffer at 207-774-9889 x101. Follow us on Facebook at About Eco-story Eco-story LED Lighting Solutions, based in Portland, Maine, was founded in spring 2007 on the premise that environmental improvements make strong economic sense. Due to improved technology and Eco-story’s high-quality, reverse-engineered product, companies no longer have to compromise quality and color to use LED lighting to save on utility costs. Eco-story’s LED bulbs are superior to traditional lighting bulbs, offering the highest quality of light on the market. Eco-story bulbs contain no mercury or harmful substances and can duplicate current lighting specifications.

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