Lights of America class action lawsuit: LED lamps' claims misleading

March 4, 2011
Date Announced: 04 Mar 2011 New York, NY – Class is alerting consumers to claims that Lights of America falsely represented the light output and life expectancy of its Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bulbs. LED bulbs are sold for home use and are expected to last longer and have a higher efficiency than incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. However, a Lights of America class action alleges that the company falsely represented to consumers that its LED bulbs would produce a light output equivalent to a certain watt incandescent light bulb or last a certain number of hours. If you purchased a Lights of America LED bulb believing these allegedly misleading claims, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Visit today and fill out the free case evaluation form to find out if you can become a member of a Lights of America class action lawsuit.In September 2010, the Federal Trade Commission sued Lights of America to prevent them from misleading consumers by exaggerating the life expectancy and light output of its LED lamps in product packages and brochures. The FTC claims that the bulbs produce significantly less light than stated in promotional materials. For instance, according to the FTC, one bulb was advertised as producing 90 lumens of light output, but tests conducted by Lights of America found that the bulb produced only 43 lumens. The FTC has also alleged that the LED bulbs do not last as long as stated in promotional materials and that the company deceptively compared the brightness of its LED lamps with incandescent bulbs.If you purchased a Lights of America LED lamp, you may be able to participate in a Lights of America class action lawsuit to recover compensation for damages resulting from the company’s allegedly deceptive claims. Visit Class today to learn more about the Lights of America class action lawsuit and to receive a no cost, no obligation review of your claim. The consumer fraud lawyers working with Class are offering this online case review at no cost and remain committed to protecting the rights of consumers who were affected by false or misleading advertising.About Class Action.orgClass is dedicated to protecting consumers and investors in class actions and complex litigation throughout the United States. Class keeps consumers informed about product alerts, recalls, and emerging litigation and helps them take action against the manufacturers of defective products, drugs, and medical devices. Information about consumer fraud issues and environmental hazards is also available on the site. Visit today for a no cost, no obligation case evaluation and information about your consumer rights.

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