Lusio Solid-State Lighting ships 4,750 LED high-bay fixtures to Qatar National Convention Centre Extension

March 7, 2011
Date Announced: 07 Mar 2011 Overland Park, Kansas – Lusio Solid-State Lighting, a worldwide brand and division of LightWild, announced today the delivery of 4,750 high bay LED fixtures to Doha, Qatar, for the Qatar National Convention Centre extension. Scheduled to open later this year, the project will add 850,000 square feet.Lusio Solid-State Lighting was specified by Burns & McDonnell, the Prime Architectural and Engineering firm for the project, and lighting designers Yarnell & Associates and LightWorks. The stringent requirements called for a fixture that could be mounted at 40ft (12m), withstand ceiling temperatures of 115 degrees F to 131 degrees F (45-55 degrees C), deliver at least 50 footcandles overall illuminance with a 40 degree cutoff, and still meet the centre’s strict energy caps.“According to the specifications, the owner wanted a highly technical and leading edge solution to lighting the exhibition hall space, and metal halide, fluorescent sources and associated luminaires were not providing the functional requirements,” said Tom Stafford, President and CEO of LightWild and Lusio Solid-State Lighting. “Lusio had already achieved UL and CE approvals for a fixture rated at 60 degrees C and we were able to provide LED high bay fixtures to meet the requirements and help achieve lighting goals.”“The Lusio fixtures are a high-quality, well-built choice for this project,” said Bruce Yarnell, Principal of Yarnell Associates, Architectural Lighting Design. “The fixtures delivered the clean source cutoff and the aesthetically sleek profile originally conceptualized for the project. Lusio also exceeded very demanding performance specifications.” Superior Quality of Light, Solid Construction, 7-Year Warranties, and MoreLusio delivers a new experience in commercial and industrial lighting with fixtures that provide quiet, super-clean lighting with lumens that meet or exceed traditional legacy fluorescent and metal halide lighting sources. Mercury free, low maintenance and dimmable, Lusio offers a 35-70% energy savings through a direct replacement of HID and fluorescent fixtures and are backed by an industry leading 7-year warranty. Made in the USA, Lusio fixtures are built with top-quality materials including low glare reflectors, sophisticated heat sinks for superior thermal management, premium LEDs, and robust housings that are comprised of up to 80% recycled aluminum.Lusio Solid-State Lighting enables companies to meet their green initiatives in a variety of commercial and industrial spaces such as warehouses, big-box retail, convention centers, laboratories, high-ceiling office spaces, transportation terminals, manufacturing plants, and arena concourses.Lusio is a worldwide brand and registered trademark of LightWild. Learn more about Lusio Solid-State Lighting at

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