Optiled announces new Galaxy 350 and Galaxy 500 LED light bulb series

March 31, 2011
Date Announced: 31 Mar 2011 Leading LED lighting provider OPTILED Lighting today announced new LED lighting products - the Galaxy 350 and Galaxy 500 LED light bulb series - to offer customers LED lighting products with higher brightness, longer lifespan and higher energy efficiency. Compared with conventional incandescent light bulbs, Galaxy 350 and Galaxy 500 LED light bulb series can save up to 84% energy, while its cold light illuminating technology can reduce the cost and use of air conditioning, and thus significantly slash carbon emissions. It can last for up to 35,000 hours, which is up to 35 times longer than conventional incandescent light bulb and up to 4 times compact fluorescent light bulbs. Take daily use of 6 hours as an example, the Galaxy 350 and Galaxy 500 LED light bulbs can last for 15 years. Galaxy 350 and Galaxy 500 LED light bulbs have retrofit features which are easy to install, making them the ideal choice for retail shops and home users. "The new LED fixtures offer a number of benefits, including much greater energy efficiency (at least 84% energy saving), superior lighting quality and performance, and greener technology that contains no mercury, lowers CO2 emissions, and produces no harmful IR or UV rays, making it the most preferred lighting products for households, retail shops and hotels," said Anthony Wong, General Manager, OPTILED. "In addition, LED lighting products start instantly, and can provide non-glare lighting. Governments in many countries are now promoting energy saving technologies, including green lighting. In the Central government's 12th five-year plan, energy saving is listed as the first important item in seven big emerging industries, and it is expected that the demand for LED lighting products will grow tremendously in the near future. We will continue to propel new innovations of LED lighting technologies, to offer more energy saving solutions for customers."OPTILED is 100% focused on LED lighting products and technology. Since 2000, the organisation has been committed to innovation in LED lighting technology and is now considered a leader in LED lighting products, technology and design. Nowadays, OPTILED's clients include luxury brands, famous architects and designers, and OPTILED products have been deployed in offices, banks, housing complexes/town councils, schools, convenience stores, hotels and retail stores around the world. About OPTILED LightingOPTILED Lighting is an international leading expert and provider of LED lighting products. OPTILED is committed to help customers to reduce operational cost, increase productivity and ease the environmental pollution around the world with its green lighting solutions.

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