SOL, Inc. introduces new 20/20 solar LED lighting system

March 18, 2011
Date Announced: 18 Mar 2011 SOL, Inc. proudly introduces its new, revolutionary 20/20™ Solar LED Lighting System. The 20/20 is a complete LED lighting system that leads the outdoor lighting industry in terms of performance, aesthetics, economics and sustainability. With its distinctive form and engineered optical performance, 20/20 is the solar light system from SOL, Inc. that directs light most efficiently for the best lighting. The 20/20 Light increases pole spacing and lighting uniformity, simplifying installation with the world’s first solar pole for maximum return on investment and a reduced cost of ownership. Through extensive market research, modern industrial and sustainable design and customer insight, SOL incorporates 20 years of experience to bring 20/20 to market.The luminaire, light engine, PV assembly and pole of the commercial-grade 20/20 Light are designed from the ground up to exceed the demands of modern solar light performance and durability. 20/20’s extended battery reserve powers through poor weather conditions and SOL’s FivePlus™ System Warranty allow for many years of reliable peace-of-mind lighting.Designed for parking lots, perimeter security, bike paths, walkways, streets and roadways, the 20/20 Light can be deployed virtually anywhere to provide light every night. 20/20 meets the challenging demands of today’s environmental design by contributing no CO2 with minimized light trespass through its precision optics. The 20/20 Light also offers enhanced autonomy through an intelligent controller that allows dimming or programmed run times.“For many years, outdoor solar lighting was a niche product because it could only be economically justified in very specific circumstances. However, SOL has incorporated dramatically more efficient technology into our 20/20 lights to deliver superior lighting at a lower cost than the grid tied alternative, and it is one of the only ‘alternative energy’ products where the payback is literally instant,” said Michael Sonnenfeldt, CEO of SOL, Inc. He added, “Normally it takes years of energy savings to offset the higher cost of most alternative energy installations, but 20/20 is just less expensive to install, right from the start and the energy is free for the life of the installation. We know this is a game-changer.”In addition to significant advances in design, the 20/20 Light meets both IENSA recommendations for parking lots, paths and trails and Buy America provisions. 20/20 has outstanding performance specifications including: precision Type II and Type V optical systems that are Dark Sky Compliant and reduce wasted light for maximized pole spacing; and an IP65 luminaire rating that extends LED life.The History of 20/20Two years ago, SOL set a goal to create a solar lighting system that offers performance, durability, and energy efficiency at the lowest installed cost. SOL gathered a team of designers, engineers and customers to create a solar lighting system for today. This light embodies SOL’s leadership in solar lighting for the past 20 years and operates as a lighting platform that can last for the next 20 years.About SOL Inc. – www.solarlighting.comSOL Inc. is the world leader in solar LED outdoor lighting solutions with over 50,000 systems installed in more than 60 countries on six continents. Since 1990, SOL has introduced innovative and cost-effective outdoor solar powered lighting systems that provide unsurpassed levels of illumination and reliability. SOL develops, manufactures and markets commercial/industrial-grade solar powered, energy efficient lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications including area and security, street and roadways, signs, billboards, transit and shelter lighting. SOL is committed to superior design, manufacturing, and customer satisfaction. SOL is also proud to have used all of its profits in recent years to advance solar lighting and to provide assistance to emergency challenges. Most recently, SOL fielded its own team to install lights donated by the company in Haiti, placing some of the first lights on the ground in service. These lights saved lives every day by lighting up emergency medical clinics, food distribution stations and search and rescue sights, allowing around the clock operations, which would have otherwise been curtailed at dusk.

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