FZLED T8 LED tube lights available with newly innovated dimming functionality

March 30, 2011
Date Announced: 30 Mar 2011 Taipei, Taiwan – FZLED, maker of high-performance LED lighting products, today releases their new line of T8 LED Tube Lights. Available in two sizes, two feet (58cm and 60cm) and four feet (120cm), these high-performance LED tube lights are direct replacements for traditional T8 tubes and fit standard G13 sockets with an AC voltage range of 90-264V. FZLED's commitment to R&D has enabled them to incorporate a creative dimming function into their T8 LED Tube Lights. This built-in feature allows the Tube Lights to function at 12%, 25%, 50%, and 100% of light intensity. The desired level of brightness is selected by pressing the on/off power switch multiple times. Uniquely designed dimming functionality, easy installation, and energy savings over fifty-percent make this new line of LED products ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial use.“We are very proud of these new T8 LED Tube Lights. As the first company in the LED industry to incorporate switching dimmable IC technology into an indoor lighting product, FZLED is further demonstrating our commitment to innovation and exceptional quality.” - Alan Lin, CEO, FZLEDBoth sizes of the T8 LED Tube Lights are available with or without FZLED's newly innovated dimming function. Requiring no starters and with no need to remove traditional ballasts the FZLED T8 Tube Lights can be used by consumers immediately, without complicated installations. With lifetimes of at least 35,000 hours these high-quality LED lighting products are excellent for indoor, architectural, flood, and mood lighting.Using Liteon 5050 SMD LEDs, the two foot long T8 LED Tube Light uses 12 watts of power and produces up to 850 luminous flux (lm) while the four foot long T8 LED Tube Light uses 22 watts and produces up to 1700 lm. Both sizes are available with bright 6000K CCT, softer 4000K CCT, or softest 3000K CCT. With high power-conversion ratios, replacing traditional T8 tubes with FZLED's T8 LED Tube Lights can provide over fifty-percent in energy savings. Emitting no harmful UV or IR rays, using no mercury, and with significantly reduced CO2 emissions, compared to traditional T8 tubes, FZLED's T8 LED Tube Lights are eco-friendly and a lighting solution that users can feel good about.These high-quality T8 LED Tube Lights are currently available in Taiwan and Singapore. FZLED is excited to build relationships with more distribution partners in order to provide consumers around the world with their innovative, energy-saving, and high-performance lighting solutions.FeaturesEnergy SavingNo heat, No UV, or IR light radiationLight source: SMD LEDRa > 70 for cool whiteLong lifetime > 35000 hoursG13 socket compatibleHigh power driver efficiency > 80%Starter FreeNo need to remove traditional ballastsCE, FCC and ETL ApprovedAbout FZLEDFZLED, founded in 2009, is a Taiwan-based developer and manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting products. As a sub-division of FZTech Inc., FZLED's products have superior thermal designs using the existing know-how and expertise of FZTech. Committed to excellence, FZLED follows a strict TQC for the entire manufacturing process, and conducts R&D projects continuously in an effort to create LED lighting solutions that offer light-weight, high-quality, environmentally-friendly, innovative, and thermally-optimized products to consumers. For more information visit FZLED online at www.fzled.com.tw.

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