ERG's online cross-reference guides provide easy access to the best power solutions for backlighting OEM LCD panels

March 1, 2011
Date Announced: 01 Mar 2011 Endicott, NY – Endicott Research Group, Inc. (ERG), a leading manufacturer of CCFL inverters and LED drivers for backlit LCD applications, has updated its online cross-reference guides to make finding the best inverter/driver solution for backlit LCDs even easier. These new tools at allow a design engineer or purchasing agent to quickly match an OEM LCD panel with just the right inverter/driver for optimum backlight performance.The LCD-CCFL Inverter Cross-Reference Guide makes finding the right inverter part number easier than ever for industrial LCDs in the 5.7” - 32” diagonal range. As CCFL-backlit LCDs are still in widespread use across a variety of applications, ERG continues to offer the broadest range of standard and custom inverter solutions as well as the best engineering support. Users can search by ERG inverter part number or by the panel manufacturer’s model number to find a detailed datasheet on the specific ERG inverter they need. Hundreds of panels from most major LCD manufacturers are included along with inverter part numbers for single-, dual-, and multi-lamp backlights with 5V or 12V input, all manufactured and supported in the U.S.A.As the use of LEDs in the backlit-display industry continues to expand, ERG’s LCD-LED Driver Cross-Reference Guide continues to grow, with datasheets on more than 200 different drivers supporting more than 150 OEM panels. It has been updated with ERG’s line of full-function drivers for LED-backlit industrial LCDs in the 5.7” – 28” diagonal range. Not only is the cross-reference guide a useful tool for designing new backlighting applications, but also for finding a retrofit solution for CCFL replacement parts when a crossover to LED is desired. It also has been updated with ERG’s extensive line of LED replacement rails, matched with the appropriate LED driver, for a number of OEM LED-backlit panels.Pricing for ERG’s CCFL inverters starts at $10.00 in production quantities. Pricing for ERG LED drivers starts at $15.00 in production quantities. Delivery is typically 4-5 weeks A.R.O. FAbout Endicott Research Group:ERG, the specialist in power conversion solutions, has been matching power solutions to LCD backlights since 1979. The company’s range of DC-AC inverters for CCFL- and EL-backlit LCDs is the largest in the world. ERG’s experience and technical expertise as a provider of inverter solutions has been leveraged to develop the industry’s widest range of LED drivers and replacement rails for LED-backlit LCDs.

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