LED system for retail environments by Vossloh-Schwabe

March 30, 2011
Date Announced: 30 Mar 2011 Vossloh-Schwabe’s new built-in LED system for retail lighting. LED technology delivers many advantages:•Instantaneous light: no delay on being switched on nor a warm-up phase following disconnection from the mains• Gentle on products: UV- and IR-free• Longer lamp service life: up to 50,000 hours• Easily dimmable for fast changes of lighting scenes• Colour temperatures to suit every product group: clothing, meat, sausages, cold cuts, fish, vegetables, etc.• True-colour displays: excellent CRI values to suit the product type• Negligible drop in luminous flux during the lamp’s service life, removing the need to replace lamps• Extremely energy-efficient• Simple luminaire construction with maximum safety guaranteed by safety extra-low voltage (SELV) LED module’s performance is not just restricted to retail lighting. For instance, the system is equally suitable for use in reflector luminaires, flat downlights, façade lighting and pendant luminaires in which the LED driver is not integrated into the LED module, but is installed in a separate unit. This makes the LED module suitable for the most diverse applications, including domestic lighting. Highly versatile to suit any applicationPowered by constant current, the LED module at the heart of the LED module system is available in three array versions with 12 to 16 high-performance LEDs and various colour temperatures (2700 K to 4000 K). In addition, the compact module is very flat and measures only 50 mm or 56 mm in diameter. Simple installation and slim-line luminaire designs The lamp’s low installation depth and flat geometry enable very slim-line luminaire designs since the module can be mounted directly on top of heat-dissipating surfaces. One luminaire design to suit various lighting needs Featuring a single internal structure and identical dimensions for easy module exchange within the luminaire, LED module is available in various colour temperatures. As a result, lighting can be easily tailored to suit the respective application (food/non-food). Independent control gear for luminaires with remote technology Independent control gear makes it possible to use greater cable lengths between the driver and the LED module, thus enabling smaller, slimmer luminaire designs with remote technology. Highest operating safety LED module is operated using safety extra-low voltage (SELV). Fewer measures are therefore required to ensure protection against accidental contact and compliance with relevant standards for simpler luminaire construction.Highest degree of thermal safetyThermal protection circuitry ensures the operating current is reduced should the temperature at the tc point attain a critical value. In addition, modules 404 and 405 are fitted with a temperature-controlled output to connect a 12 V fan. The connecting cable from the LED module to the fan is fitted with a plug for the module. A heat-dissipating graphite foil with minimal thermal resistance enables thermally optimised connection of a heat sink to an LED module. Reduction of Failure RateOptimised heat dissipation and thermal protection circuitry ensure components are subjected to less thermal stress, which minimises the failure rate and prolongs the service life of the module. Convenient and fast wiringThe 12 V interface for active cooling components facilitates fast and easy connection. Superior mechanical stabilityLED module is shock- and vibration-resistant. Three mounting points in the form of metal bushings permit safe and reliable mounting of the module, with the components ideally protected by the plastic casing. In addition, the metal bushings enable optimum connection of a heat sink. Made for ease of useLED module is fitted both with push-in terminals for releasable connecting cables and with an integrated 12 V interface for connecting external cooling units (LED module 404 and 405). Installation- and user-friendlyPush-in terminals make installing and exchanging modules considerably faster and easier.Tested for safetyLED module is VDE-certified in accordance with EN 62031, the relevant safety standard for LED modules.Simplification of the luminaire approval processConsiderably easier luminaire approval in accordance with EN 60598. Safe operation thanks to electronic drivers made by Vossloh-SchwabeProvided with either a compact plastic or metal casing, VS’ electronic LED drivers ensure the respective LED module is supplied with the correct operating current of either 700 mA or 1050 mA. These LED drivers feature high-quality components and are available in standard and dimmable (DALI) versions. VS’ LED control gear is suitable for emergency power operationIn addition, the control gear units can also be powered using direct current. In the event of an electricity cut, a battery can therefore be used to temporarily power the lighting system. Further informationOn request we can put you in contact with manufacturers of reflectors, heat sinks and fans that are suitable for use with the LED module system. Further recommendations on dimensioning heat sinks, information on how the fan interface works and other technical specifications can be found at our website: www.vs-optoelectronic.com.Brief profile of Vossloh-Schwabe Vossloh-Schwabe is not only a manufacturer of high quality components for the lighting industry but is, above all, a competent and innovative partner, actively shaping the lighting industry market. The unique product range offers a forward-looking component structure that is already capable of achieving energy-efficient lighting in addition to compliance with European standards and norms: these ranges from magnetic and electronic ballasts to modern control systems (Lixos or DALI), OLED, LED light sources and systems, all the way to operating equipment optimised for all of these.With more than 1,000 staff in over 20 countries, Vossloh-Schwabe is represented around the world. As a subsidiary of the Japanese parent company Panasonic Electric Works, the company has a vast body of resources at its disposal for research and development as well as for international expansion. For more information, please visit www.vossloh-schwabe.com.

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