Parc orders Aixtron CCS MOCVD system for InGaAlN lasers and light emitting devices

March 31, 2011
Date Announced: 31 Mar 2011 Aachen/Germany – AIXTRON SE announced today a new order for a Close Coupled Showerhead® (CCS) MOCVD system from PARC, a Xerox company, in Palo Alto, CA, USA. The system will include the full set of advanced features such as the in-situ multichannel pyrometer ARGUS, high temperature growth, and gap adjustment for optimum (Al)GaN conditions in a wide pressure range.Placed in the fourth quarter of 2010, the order is for a CCS system capable of operation in the 3x2-inch configuration. After delivery in the second quarter of 2011, the system will be used for the epitaxial growth of InGaAlN LEDs, laser diodes, and electronic devices. A localAIXTRON support team will commission the new reactor within a specially dedicated facility in PARC's electronic materials and devices research division.“Our ongoing programs require a state-of-the-art MOCVD system with advanced features that enable our team to carry out R&D over a wide range of optoelectronic materials and devices,” Jennifer Ernst, Director of Business Development at PARC, comments. The CCS system is widely deployed in industry and well suited to our needs. With it, we can expand our capacity and capabilities to develop and deliver new device technologies. We will be able to develop new processes in a commercial reactor that are compatible with a prospective scale-up to full production scale in due course. Working closely with the experienced AIXTRON support team, our group expects to, for example, quickly optimize conditions for growth of GaN alloys with a high percentage of Al as required for deep-UV optical emitting devices.”PARC’s world-class R&D optoelectronic materials and devices team has already developed LEDs and laser diodes in the visible and UV spectral regions. They have made major contributions to the fundamental understanding of the materials and devices, and have demonstrated many innovations in the design and realization of InGaAlN devices for optoelectronic applications.About PARCPARC’s business model is to create, prototype, co-develop, license, and deliver breakthrough technology and services for government and commercial clients. PARC has lived at the leading edge of innovation, merging inquiry and strategy to pioneer technological change for 40 years – and continues to do so, but across a broader set of clients, markets, and industries since its incorporation as an independent subsidiary in 2002. For more information on how to work with PARC please visit

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