US patent awarded to Raled for LTHERM LED thermal management technology

March 1, 2011
Date Announced: 01 Mar 2011 Winter Springs, FL – Raled LLC announced today that the US Patent and Trademark office has awarded the company patent number 7,898,811 for the LTHERM® LED thermal management technology. The patent titled “THERMAL MANAGEMENT OF LEDS ON A PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD AND ASSOCIATED METHODS” is the culmination of years of research and development and covers a unique method of LED thermal management using FR4 and other non-metal core PCB materials. The LED industry typically uses metal core PCB’s, or FR4 PCB’s with vias outside of the LED package for thermal management. Raled uses a new approach to lower thermal resistivity and cost.Kurt Storey founder of Raled and inventor of the LTHERM® technology said, “The patent covers our core technology and we are thrilled that our unique method is now protected in the United States. We originally developed this technology for applications that could not use metal core PCB’s , LED’s on both sides of the PCB or designs that required other components attached to the LED board, but then discovered that the technology was a lower cost alternate to metal core PCB’s.” Our approach in developing this technology was to find a suitable thermal alternate to existing methods that balanced thermal properties with cost. The thermal properties of LTHERM® are typically 20% to 40% better than metal core PCB’s. With the introduction of higher power and smaller footprint LED’s the ability of other methods using surface area to dissipate the heat are diminished. With LTHERM® you also do not sacrifice circuit isolation and EMI requirements.About RaledRaled is a world class engineering and manufacturing LED solutions provider for OEM lighting companies. Our portfolio of intellectual property and continuous innovation insures our customers receive the best solution for their LED applications. We listen to our customers to understand their requirements and then provide a creative solution.Our focus is to insure we meet our customer objectives in all disciplines of LED solution design while never losing sight of the ultimate goal of an LED product, energy efficiency and long life. Innovative methods and LED design experience is what sets us apart from the competitionIf you would like more information about Raled or LTHERM® please call Kurt Storey at (407) 324-0440 or email [email protected]

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