LED bulb lamps technology: unique MCOB (multi-cups/chips on board) design

March 26, 2011
Date Announced: 26 Mar 2011 Wanban are professional LED light manufacturer,specializing in Led bulb lights, tube light and street light.There are many advantages like unique MCOB packaging design and high lumen >110LM/W in our products,and others.Read more from our company website if you are interesteded.The company engages in R&D, product design, manufacturing, marketing and customer service of LED illumination products. As a member of Fujian Illumination Industry Association, the company is designated as a hi-tech enterprise by Fujian provincial government. The key products of WanBan Group include:LED bulbs light,LED Tube light,LED street light. A 5-billion-yuan project of building the WanBan Industry Park which occupies an area of about 100,150m2 is being carried out,and more than 4,500 employees at present.Strength of WanBan:The brand image of WanBan lamps has been elevated and lighting effect of the lamps has been optimized by creative and forward-looking products design, advanced intelligent control technology and superb performance of the products, making WanBan products highly competitive in the market.Credentials and Awards:WanBan lamp series has been certified by relevant authorities in various quality systems including 3C (compulsory in China), ISO ( 9001, 14001,etc. ) CE, ROHS, and TUV. The specifications of Wanban lamps meet all relevant national and international standards including energy saving standards.


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