City of Haarlem replaced its second parking garage with RentAlite’s Premium Power LED fixtures

March 3, 2011
Date Announced: 03 Mar 2011 After its first parking structure Houtplein, the city of Haarlem (The Netherlands) also replaced all of its old fixtures with new LED fixtures in a second public parking garage De Kamp. The city of Haarlem chose for a greener way to illuminate their garages by using the Premium Power LEDs provided by the company RentAlite. SavingsThe Premium Power LED fixtures are especially designed for the parking industry, these fixtures will generate 58.% of savings in energy and C02 for parking garage De Kamp in Haarlem. The 400 new Premium Power LED fixtures will generate $41,240 of annual savings for the city and 203,244 LB of C02 per year. The total investment the city has to make to acquire the Premium Power LEDs of RentAlite will be earned back within 28 months, and with a lifetime of 80.000 hours the rest of the saving will be added to the revenue.‘De Groene mug’‘De Groene mug’ is an initiative of the city of Haarlem that has as a goal to become climate neutral, within its own organization, by 2015. This means that they want to become a city that has no larger emission of C02 than its energy usage. RentAlite’s Premium Power LED will help to achieve this goal.

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