Anolis at The City Club in Moravia, Czech Republic

March 8, 2011
Date Announced: 08 Mar 2011 The City Club in Rožnov is one of the most popular night destinations in Moravia, Czech Republic, and with a stunning contemporary design for the whole space - which also includes a coffee bar, a small casino and a restaurant as well as the action packed dancefloor - by architect/interior designer Karel Janča; and a high tech lighting installation from locally based Robe lighting ..... the time then came to upgrade the environmental lighting in the club area.Independent owner, Pavel Zeď was so pleased with the service and support that he's received from Robe lighting that he asked their sister company, Anolis, via Czech sales manager Petr Kolmačka, to come up with an interesting, eye-catching eco friendly lighting scheme that would transform the general atmospherics in the club area.Says Kolmačka, "It was a great honour to be asked to present ideas as Mr Zed has a high regard for production values, and wants nothing but the best for his venue to keep it as the 'must go' destination in the area".He adds that the breadth of the Anolis range was a real help in being able to choose the appropriate fixtures for the right areas.He had an open brief apart from the fact that the end result had to look "absolutely stunning, modern and NOW", and came back with the idea that the DJ should be able to change the mood of the room - not just the dancefloor - with different colours.A total of 36 Anolis ArcLink flexible LED strips are installed behind the two large bars in the club, and these colour change through the metal front fascias which are cut out with gobo style patterns. The bottle shelves are also back lit with more Arc-Links.Eleven ArcSource TwinWall 6 RGB wall washing fixtures are used to bathe the back wall behind the stage with bold colours, with 3 ArcLine 36 battens skimming down a mirrored textured wall to the side of the DJ booth. Underneath the banquette seating on the other side of the dancefloor are 4 ArcLine 24s, providing a nice, moody, low level ambience for this area.Kolmačka wanted to make a lighting feature over the bar that was something a bit quirky and different! He was suddenly inspired when he saw some standard 'puff-ball' lights (for domestic use) constructed from many thousands of fibre strands ...... He decided to customise these by embedding a single Anolis ArcSource 3 RGB LED module in the middle, which has the effect of radiating pulses and sweeps of rich colours beautifully along the fibre threads, creating a truly unique lightsource.There are a total of 9 of these hanging above both bars - 8 medium sized and one large. The bottoms of the bar fronts are also trimmed with ArcLink strips, and the pillars throughout the club, complete with metal sheeting and cut-out City Club logos, are back illuminated with Anolis ArcLine 24s.In the casino, a panel bearing the City Club logo is internally lit with an ArcLink Optic 4 RGBW fixture, set on an internal chase programmed on the Anolis ArcPower driver.Control of all the Anolis sources throughout the City Club is via a Robe DMX 1024 console situated in the DJ booth, which is also controlling the dancefloor lighting, giving the option of manual or auto operation.A total of 4 x Anolis ArcPower 144s, 2 x ArcPower 72s and 2 x ArcPower 36 drivers are used throughout the whole installation.Having an overall room lighting scheme like this not only adds huge dynamics to the regular club nights, it also enables the lighting to be colour themed for special promotions, events and occasions.Kolmačka concludes, "Adding the Anolis to the club area has already been hugely popular with City Club regulars, and the lighting is a major talking point. The clientele really value the good atmosphere and vibe, and appreciate how this can be enhanced with carefully considered lighting that can be both subtle and spectacular".

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