E-Lite OptoTech unveils 25500-lm LED Flood/Canopy light with Cree inside

March 17, 2011
Date Announced: 17 Mar 2011 E-Lite OptoTech Co., Ltd., the China based market leader of industrial level LED lighting products, announces commercial availability of the new LED flood/canopy light range, Omni™ series, up to 25500 lumen light output. Boosted by Cree XP Outdoor White LEDs and an UL listed high-powered driver, the Omni™ series flood/canopy light is IP65 rated for all weather applications and dusty environment.“We sincerely give our thanks to Cree for all their supports and advises, when we design and develop the Omni™ series floodlight”, said the CEO of E-Lite OptoTech, Bennie Yee, “The cooperation with Cree is always pleasant, and we strongly believe more and more Cree LEDs will be employed in our future product ranges.”The Omni™ series flood/canopy light adopts a smart modular design concept, where each module integrates the heat sink with 8 – 15pcs of LED chips, and a calculated number of modules are framed up to make a complete flood/canopy light. This smart modular concept gives ultimate flexibility to fit to almost all application requirements on power and/or lighting purposes.E-Lite Omni™ Series Flood/Canopy Llight Features:- Complete produce range from 40W to 300W- Extremely high lux output up to 25500lm- Original Cree outdoor white LEDs, XP-E- Smart modular design ensures superior heat management- IP 65 rated, water and dust proof- Voltage input 110-240VAC or 110-277VAC, 50/60Hz at choice- Selectable color temperature from 2700K to 7000K- Optional function as IP65 low bay/high bay and tunnel lighting application - Long operation life time, above 50,000 hours. Low maintenance costs- Ideal replacement of 120W to 1000W conventional metal halide lamps- Energy saving more than 60% - Environmental friendly. Lead and mercury free- Instant ON/OFF operation, no more waiting for warm up- Superior color rendition compared to conventional industrial luminaire- Resistant to shock and vibration- UL pending- Explosion proof approval pendingAbout E-Lite OptoTech Co., Ltd.E-Lite is a China-based solid-state lighting company specializing in high quality, ultra-bright LED lighting product for commercial and industrial applications. As a leading innovator in high performance LED lighting technology, the company has extensive technical expertise in optical design, thermal management, materials compatibility and automated manufacturing processes. All E-Lite’s LED lighting products are CE and RoHS compliant. The Omni™ series floodlight is under ETL testing.E-Lite is committed to building up distribution network with regional distributor partners, we ask for understanding from end users for not servicing you directly.

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