Clean Light Green Light introduces LED freezer and cooler lights unlike any other

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Mt. Clemens, MI - After a year and a half of research, development, and successful beta testing, Michigan-based LED lighting manufacturer Clean Light Green Light (CLGL), a wholly owned US subsidiary of Global Dynamix Solutions GB PLC, is introducing a full series of LED freezer and cooler lighting that outsmarts all previous LED offerings for this billion dollar lighting market.

It has long been known that fluorescent tubes, which have been the standard in this application, lose effectiveness in cold temperatures resulting in compromised output and longevity. Like all LED lighting, LED freezer and cooler bulbs provide significant energy and cost savings, but they are particularly well suited for cold environments.

Rob Webster, owner of the Pic‘n Save Grocery in Ripon Wisconsin who has been beta testing the CLGL cooler lights for over nine months, is pleased with both the performance and light quality. However, the benefit that really stands out for him is the increased operational efficiency of the coolers. “The greater payback is that these lights don’t emit heat in an environment that you are trying to keep cold.” he shares. According to the Lighting Research Center, coolers and freezers account for nearly half of a supermarket’s annual electricity costs putting Rob’s observation right on the money. With the combined benefits of reduced energy consumption and cost, greatly reduced maintenance costs, and significantly improved cooler efficiency, retrofitting with these LED’s will have a very desirable impact on the bottom line. One LED freezer/cooler light study even noted increased sales from the units that were retrofitted with LEDs due to the superior visual appeal.

The hefty maintenance expenses associated with fluorescents in this application is also an important consideration when calculating the value of an LED retrofit. Replacing these bulbs and ballasts is a time consuming endeavor with labor charges quickly escalating the overall cost. The class 2 UL listed CLGL tubes will last a minimum of 65,000 hours which is approximately 7.5 years in a 24/7 use profile. Taking into account the number of these bulbs in a typical supermarket and the frequency of failure, the reduction of maintenance costs alone results in an attractive and rapid return on investment for an LED retrofit.

CLGL evaluated freezer and cooler doors from over 20 international manufacturers and the new series overcomes a variety of competitive
LED shortcomings such as multiple hot spots, uneven light spread
requiring end sticks, and limited retrofit adaptability due to the diverse range of freezer/cooler designs.

The CLGL series incorporates specially designed chips featuring ingrained optics that channel the light vertically and horizontally in equal measures to create the look and feel of current fluorescents, but with increased brightness and superior color rendering. Additionally, the shape and composition of the tube allows for the light to be channeled in a manner that will effectively light product as close as 4 inches from the door.

A strategically designed system, the CLGL Freezer/Cooler series is comprised of versatile components that can be combined to retrofit just about any application in a cost effective way. The system includes varying:
• tube lengths (from 1-6 feet)
• brightness options (full, 2/3 or half bright ranging from 3W-39W)
• color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6500K)
• cord connectors with single or multiple ends that accommodate several configurations (1-1, 1-2, up to 1-5)
• installation accessories to accommodate all manufacturer’s configurations
The development of dimming options is also on the agenda and slated for summer release.

“The introduction of this advanced Freezer/Cooler series represents our entry into a high profile market sector we previously did not address.” states CLGL CEO David McKinney. “I expect 20%- 25% of our revenue will be realized from new product sales in 2011 and I believe this series will be a very strong performer in a marketplace that has seen nothing but rehashed copies of the same limited technology that was adapted for this use early on. This product line represents the first original application introduced to this target market in years.”

For more detailed product information please visit the CLGL website,

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