Noribachi teams with Modern Energy Concepts to upgrade lighting and reduce energy at Folsom Lake Ford

Feb. 1, 2013
Date Announced: 01 Feb 2013 Noribachi, a leading US based LED lighting and energy efficient engineering firm, collaborates with Modern Energy Concepts, a top wholesale distributor of commercial lighting products, to complete an expansive LED lighting upgrade at Folsom Lake Ford dealership in Folsom, California. The project included a massive retrofit of the existing metal halide and fluorescent bulbs located on both the outdoor lots and in the building interior. These outdated lamps had plagued Folsom Lake Ford with spotty illumination thanks to rapid bulb burn out rates. The watt-guzzling high intensity discharge lamps also saddled the dealership with skyrocketing energy costs. Noribachi’s custom LED solutions helped Folsom Lake Ford all but eliminate these lighting issues. The new LED lights directly replace more than 200 outdated bulbs throughout the dealership while using only one-third of the energy. Additionally the Noribachi LED lighting provides a much higher color-rendering index, helping showcase the display vehicles. Noribachi’s LED solutions proved so effective at reducing energy consumption that Folsom Lake Ford elected to increase the total brightness in the lots without significantly increasing their energy bills.To achieve a brighter light than had previously been installed, Noribachi specially engineered a range of custom LED light engines with tailored drive currents designed to retrofit exactly into the range of more than seven unique fixture housings. Noribachi’s strength in developing exact-fit LED retrofit kits allows the company to mount a light engines inside an existing fixture without damage or compromise to weatherproofing. Over five years of experience as a leader in the LED lighting industry have also helped Noribachi to thermally optimize their retrofit LED light engines, ensuring that they can perform with multiple drive currents in truly any fixture housing.“It is fantastic to be able to offer customers market-leading LED lighting that will unequivocally reduce energy consumption, but we are also seeing more and more customers who want to increase their facilities’ overall brightness. While reducing energy and increasing light output may seem paradoxical, therein lies the beauty of Noribachi’s custom LED solutions; our technology allows us to increase brightness by an average of thirty percent while still typically reducing energy by two-thirds,” says Esther Santos, VP of Sales at Noribachi.Instrumental to this LED lighting upgrade was Modern Energy Concepts, one of the leading lighting wholesalers in California. Together, Noribachi and Modern Energy Concepts were able to work with SMUD, Folsom Lake Ford’s local utility provider, to receive more than $70,000 in rebate funding for the project’s financing. Securing the rebate from SMUD was made even easier thanks to Noribachi’s large presence on the DLC (Design Lights Consortium) Qualified Product List. This list aides utility providers in selecting trustworthy manufacturers with certified product performance for energy efficiency projects.“Noribachi was exceptional to work with. They accommodated all of our requests, even last-minute changes to the custom LED products. Their LED lights are an elegant solution to retrofit challenges – they don’t appear aftermarket at all, they’re so seamless that you would think they were originally part of the fixture,” says Ted Novak, President of Modern Energy Concepts.ABOUT NORIBACHI:Noribachi is a premier, US based, LED lighting and engineering firm providing customized illumination solutions for any application.Embracing a hand crafted and modular approach for developing custom LED solutions, Noribachi drives the lighting industry forward with a dedication to thoughtful product design and the principles of efficient energy use.Noribachi LED solutions are independently tested and fully certified; over 1,000 installations for Fortune 500 companies, leading government agencies, and world-class hotels in the US and internationally attest to Noribachi’s enduring product quality.Noribachi is a privately held company with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Albuquerque, NM. For more information please visit MODERN ENERGY CONCEPTS:Modern Energy Concepts (MEC), a division of LED Lights Inc., is a nationwide wholesaler of innovative high-efficiency lighting systems, which reduce energy costs for private and public organizations throughout the country. Since 1986, MEC has serviced electrical contractors, property managers, restaurant owners, retail businesses, schools, the hospitality industry, and municipalities with the highest quality commercial lighting, replacement lamps, ballasts, fluorescent ballasts, dimmers, and related replacement lighting products. Our ability to offer the absolute lowest prices on the most advanced commercial lightning solutions is the result of our drive to be at the forefront of lamp and fixture technology.

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