Vode Lighting launches next generation LED lighting for all Vode systems

Feb. 21, 2013
Date Announced: 21 Feb 2013 Sonoma, California – Vode, the Sonoma-based lighting design and manufacturing company, is pleased to announce the debut of its next generation of minimum profile, highly adaptive LED lighting products—the 107 Suspended RaceRail, the 107 Suspended BoxRail, and the 107 Suspended Double Box. Recognized industry wide for its elegant designs of highly efficiency lighting systems, Vode’s newest products integrate cutting-edge LED technology with enhanced fixture “design thinking” to create a hyper-adaptive lighting system suitable for any application. Vode has achieved the optimal efficiency of its new product line through the development of its own constant-current LED boards, combined with the latest generation LED diodes.“Before Vode was a lighting company, it was a quest to think about how to deliver lights, and less about the look of the product. This principle guides the design that had the minimal possible presence, were made of the most responsible materials, and included technologies and processes that would positively impact people’s lives,” said principal and Chief Creative Officer Scott Yu. “Vode’s new LED products represent next-generation thinking in the smart integration of LED technology into thoughtfully designed, modular lighting systems.”Each product in Vode’s newest series features a modular system that efficiently addresses three of the lighting design industry’s most common challenges: 1) to provide excellent general, vertical and accent lighting, 2) to deliver LED lighting performance and quality at the highest available industry levels, and 3) to provide even greater cost and energy efficiency over previous levels of achievement. In addition, these products are Vode’s newest modular LED lighting systems -- whether used for open office space, walls, or accent lighting -- that deliver advanced energy-efficient light systems without compromising light quality and control or the minimalistic design aesthetic that Vode is known for. “As with all of Vode’s products, the new offerings are designed to distribute controlled light using modular and interchangeable parts that reduce size, weight and waste and are easily modeled for any lighting application,” said Principal and President Tom Warton. “They’re engineered for simple installation and long, maintenance-free service.” 107 Suspension RaceRail ○ Minimalistic cylindrical rails with diffusers that allow for 120 degree direct plus another 20 degree indirect light distribution. Infinite, lockable-rail rotation. Available in 1-foot length increments up to 6 feet. Suitable for direct and indirect lighting applications.107 Suspension BoxRail○ Minimalistic square profile rails with diffusers that allow for 180 degree direct light distribution without offensive glare. Infinite, lockable rail rotation). Available in 1-foot length increments up to 6 feet. Suitable for direct and indirect lighting applications.107 Suspension Double Box○ Minimalistic rectangular profile rails providing 70 degree direct and 150 degree indirect light distribution without offensive glare. Available in 1-foot length increments up to 8 feet. Suitable for any direct and indirect lighting application. Ideal for open spaces where direct lighting of floors and desks is desired with indirect ceiling lighting for ambiance.At its core, Vode is a design company based on minimalism, performance and environmental responsibility. These intersecting design principles drive Vode’s engineers to achieve lighting solutions that require less materials and energy to operate while delivering higher quality light and long lasting service life (opposite of planned obsolesce). Each system has been designed to be minimalistic, modular and easily customizable with simple-to-replace parts, allowing lighting designers, architects and interior designers to fully realize their visions for the built environment. Furthermore, to make things easier for its clients and partners, Vode offers full-service project collaboration and management as well as a convenient QuickShip service, allowing the company to ship many lighting systems within 10 business days. As shipping products in 4-6 weeks or longer is the lighting industry norm, lighting designers and architects, particularly those working on fast-track or smaller projects, have been eagerly awaiting this development from Vode. Orders must be received by 9am PST to qualify for that same start day. The company has also created online tools, systems and methods that allow designers, specifiers, installers and building owners to easily find, design, specify, modify and recommend with increasingly greater efficiency and ease. About Vode In 2005, industrial designer Scott Yu yearned to use his design talent to create enduring and environmentally mindful products. He saw an opportunity to apply design thinking to the lighting arena that looked ready for profound changes – as well as growing awareness of environmental impacts of lighting in energy consumption. Scott was so inspired that he began hosting meetings with designers, technology and business thinkers to hatch a plan to create the perfect lighting company. At the same time, Northern California native Tom Warton, a lighting industry entrepreneur, imagined better ways to think about architectural lighting and a more principled way to run a lighting company. In early 2005, Scott invited Tom to attend one of his meetings and ideas sparked. Over the next nine months a plan evolved to create minimalistic and customizable lighting systems that had never before existed. Their research revealed that commercial architectural lighting systems could have the greatest impact. To round out the team, George Mieling, a Boston-based, international business executive in the food pharmaceuticals industry, joined to run finance and sales. So in early 2006, three people of diverse cultures, industries and talents launched a company based on three converging factors: environmental responsibility, design insight and new lighting technology. The goal: to build a lighting company that substantially contributed, not only the betterment of our blue planet but to the well-being of all people involved .Visit www.vode.com for more information.

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