Elation’s TVL1000 white LED panel Is 'Go Anywhere' broadcast light with variable WW/CW color temperature, 0-100% dimming & battery-power option

Feb. 6, 2013
Date Announced: 06 Feb 2013 LOS ANGELES – (For Immediate Release) – Elation Professional’s new TVL1000 white LED panel with variable color temperature and a battery-power option is the ideal “go-to” light for virtually any TV or broadcast application. This compact, lightweight panel features 200 warm white and 200 cool white LEDs, which can be blended to create any shade of white on demand, from cool natural daylight to soft warm tungsten – or anything in between. Using either onboard controls or a standard DMX-512 controller, broadcast lighting professionals can quickly and easily adjust color temperature from 3200°K to 6500°K. The TVL1000’s variable color temperature capability makes it possible to instantly customize studio lighting to complement any skin tone or scenic/production environment with a soft, even white output – ensuring that any TV or video broadcast will always be presented in its best light.In addition to creating the perfect white light to illuminate anything, the TVL1000 can go anywhere -- in the studio, onstage or on location. That’s because the panel can also run as a “cordless” battery-powered unit with the addition of an optional accessory, the TVL-1000BAT (sold separately). Easy to install, the battery-power option lets you to use the TVL1000 anyplace you choose, even where there are no power outlets. The battery itself is rechargeable, and since the unit includes a Low-Battery indicator light, you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice during a shoot.Designed to give broadcast lighting engineers the ultimate versatility, the TVL1000 is armed with several other key features that make it the perfect all-purpose TV and video LED panel. It features full 0-100% dimming capabilities, allowing users to fade in an out and control the intensity of the light. Additionally, it comes equipped with a 4-way barn door system around the LED source, so that illumination can be directed precisely to the desired area. The panel also includes a built-in magnetic gel/filter holder for the easy addition of frost or diffusion. Ideal for studios, theaters, churches, trade shows or any event that is being video-taped or broadcast over the airwaves or online, the TVL1000 is also silent operating and flicker-free. “The TVL1000 is the perfect white LED panel for a wide range of video applications,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “Its variable color temperature lets you quickly and easily adjust the shade of white to accommodate the many subtleties and nuances that inevitably come up in the studio, such as having to deal with different skin tones and scenic elements. Plus its 0-100% dimming ability and barn door system give broadcast lighting pros even more tools to work with to create the perfect environment. “On top of all these features, the TVL1000 also offers a battery-power option,” added Loader. “This makes it the perfect camera-ready light to take anywhere, even where there are no electrical power sources. This portability is an important feature to have today, and one that our customers have been asking for.”Adding to the TVL1000’s portability are its compact size – 15.9” x 13.7” x 4.4”/ 406 x 350 x 113 mm – and light weight – 13.6 lbs. / 6.2 kg. To illuminate larger areas, multiple panels can be linked together (up to 12), via the unit’s IEC AC in/outs for daisy-chaining power.The TVL1000 also includes 3 and 5-pin in/out DMX connectors. It can be run in 3 different DMX channel modes, and includes an easy-to-use display menu for DMX addressing. Additionally, the unit’s color temperature can be controlled manually via knobs on the rear of the unit.Featuring a 30° standard beam angle, the TVL1000 is extremely energy efficient, with each panel drawing just 66 watts of electricity. Its LEDs produce very little heat, ensuring that conditions will remain cool and comfortable in the broadcast studio.

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