Bayer MaterialScience’s polycarbonate portfolio helps bring innovative, attractive and energy-efficient LED lighting to market

Feb. 11, 2013
Date Announced: 11 Feb 2013 The lighting industry is always seeking to bring new, innovative, attractive and energy-efficient products to market. Bayer MaterialScience LLC’s portfolio of polycarbonate plastics, sheet and films, backed by outstanding technical expertise, helps lighting designers and OEMs do just that.Bayer will showcase its expertise and polycarbonate product line for lighting applications at its booth #401 during Strategies in Light 2013, Feb. 12-14, in Santa Clara, Calif. Here’s a sneak peek.Polycarbonate Plastics•Makrolon® 6265X polycarbonate plastic: With molded-in color, this grade allows for high optical efficiency while delivering diffused reflectivity for a wide variety of applications. This material, listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) with a UL 94 V-0 rating at 1.5 mm, was used to produce a high-performing LED Troffer Reflector featuring 12 LEDs for Fraen’s Optics Division. •Makrolon LED2643 polycarbonate plastic: Bayer developed this grade of polycarbonate plastic to improve light transmission and stability to heat and high flux for LED light sources. It is an impact-resistant material that is UL listed and has achieved an f1 rating, making it suitable for wet outdoor applications. AURA™ UV infusion technology can extend the product life of lenses, covers and transparent enclosures by improving the retention of color, clarity and optical properties.•Makrolon FR7087 polycarbonate plastic: This material is distinguished by its clarity. In fact, it is believed to be the first transparent polycarbonate that is UL 94 flame rated 5VA at 3.0 mm. Applications include lenses, covers and electrical enclosures where clarity really counts. TerraGlo used Makrolon FR7087 polycarbonate when it needed an optically clear material that met stringent guidelines for the 3-mm thick lens cover of its Alba Series luminaires. •Makrolon TC8030 polycarbonate plastic: Manufacturers use this thermally conductive grade to replace aluminum for heat-sink applications in LED replacement lamps and next-generation luminaires. The benefits of Makrolon TC8030 plastic include corrosion resistance, weight savings, and greater design freedom. Makrolon TC8030 polycarbonate has a UL 94 flame class rating of V-0 at 2.0 mm and is also f1 listed.Polycarbonate Sheet•Makrolon Lumen XT sheet: Specifically developed for diffusion lenses in LED lighting fixtures, this material diffuses light uniformly, while minimizing hot spots and resisting high temperatures with a UL 94 V-2 flammability rating. It also offers the impact resistance of Bayer polycarbonate for applications in damage-prone areas.Due to its light-diffusion properties, Makrolon Lumen XT was chosen for lighting in the concourse food service area at U.S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox. LED lighting fixtures featuring Makrolon Lumen XT replaced outdated T12 fluorescent lights to save energy and maintenance costs.Polycarbonate Films•Makrofol® light management polycarbonate film grades: LM228, LM309, and LM905. These translucent materials are filled with a light-scattering agent in combination with a surface texture that offers various combinations of transmission and diffusion to meet end users’ light guidance and light reflection needs. Light diffusers for consumer goods and other backlight displays commonly utilize these film grades.•Makrofol LM296 polycarbonate film: This grade is custom made for use in applications utilizing “black panel” technology. It allows light transmission at defined wave lengths through different thicknesses of film. The thickness, surface, and wave length of light transmission are highly toleranced. The grade is used for automotive instrument clusters and related center stack applications.•Makrofol LM903 polycarbonate film: This is a formable, opaque white extruded film that offers the very high light reflection properties needed for LCD and LED backlights and other reflector housing applications.Visit booth #401 at Strategies in Light for a first-hand look at Bayer’s materials solutions for the lighting industry.

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