Monocrystal supports emerging optical markets with 12 -inch sapphire windows

Feb. 25, 2013
Date Announced: 25 Feb 2013 Stavropol, Russia – Monocrystal, a global leader in synthetic sapphire growing and processing, introduces ultra-large high quality sapphire window.Advancements in the development of its proprietary crystal growing technology allow Monocrystal to meet increasing demand from the emerging optical markets for large size sapphire windows and blanks up to 12 inches. Advancements in modified KY method make it possible for Monocrystal to grow 120 kg sapphire crystals on scale. This technological advantage enables Monocrystal to offer a wide range of optical products which were not available on the market before.“We are happy to be the company pushing the limits of sapphire adoption in a variety of industrial and optical applications. Our recent achievements in both R&D and production have made it possible to support our global customers by offering them large sized sapphire material at a very competitive price. We will continue to create opportunities for our customers to apply unique sapphire properties in the most demanding and sophisticated applications,” Monocrystal’s Marketing Director Ludmila Zubova commented.About MonocrystalMonocrystal is a leading supplier of sapphire products for LED and metallization pastes for solar industries. The company’s product portfolio includes large diameter sapphire substrates for LED and RFIC applications, optical windows and screen printing pastes for silicon wafer solar cells. The company exports more than 95% of its products to more than 25 countries worldwide.

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