LED lighting retailer launches with unique savings calculator and exclusive bulb brand

Feb. 15, 2013
Date Announced: 15 Feb 2013 LED Lighting Depot has entered the UK LED reseller marketplace with its own product range and a unique calculator that allows you shoppers to calculate the savings they will make over a product’s lifetime.The LED Lighting Depot site stocks Verbatim, Phillips and Toshiba brands, as well as the Lumaera brand – which is exclusively available through the retailer.Supplying a full range of domestic LEDs, from spotlights to downlights, and dimmable bulbs to outdoor and garden lights, LED Lighting Depot is also the only retailer in the marketplace to offer an accurate Payback Calculator, which indicates how long it will take for an investment in new bulbs to be repaid and the total savings over the lifetime of the product.The Payback Calculator gives consumers an accurate picture of savings for multiple bulbs of the same type, or a mixture of products – providing an overview of just how much money they can save by purchasing a particular basket of items over the entire lifespan of the products.MD of LED Lighting Depot Andrew Littler said: “We’ve got two clear advantages over our competitors: a Payback Calculator that helps consumers make informed decisions about their purchases; and an exclusive range of high-quality bulbs in the form of the Lumaera range – which offer great value for money and feature Phillips LEDs.“Unlike other LED retailers, our confidence in the range of products we stock means that we also offer a Five Point Promise covering Quality, Reliability, Savings, Certification and Value. Industry-leading warranties and accurate technical specifications are just two of the areas the Promise covers – giving consumers complete peace of mind that they are buying a durable, high-performance bulb.”The Payback Calculator works by incorporating the total wattage amount for items in the basket, how many hours per day the lights are used and for how many days per week, as well as the amount per unit of electricity the customer pays. It compares these details with the equivalent cost for filament lighting products to give an annual saving amount, payback period for the investment in LED bulbs and the total lifetime saving made by switching to LED lighting.

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