Millerbernd Lighting receives Florida Wildlife Lighting Certification for stainless steel LED Wall Pack

Feb. 11, 2013
Date Announced: 11 Feb 2013 Winsted, MN - Millerbernd Lighting has received the Wildlife Lighting Certification for its stainless steel wall sconce. “We are pleased to report that your product met or exceeded all three criteria for Wildlife Lighting,” stated Lucas Davis, a planner for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in the approval letter to Millerbernd Lighting. “The S.S. Wall Sconce fixture equipped with amber LEDs is a full cut off, downward directed, high intensity luminaire that produces a spectral output of 560 nm to 750 nm. This luminaire is recommended for use in areas where artificial lighting is needed adjacent to ecologically sensitive areas, sea turtle nesting beaches, migratory corridors, and Dark Sky Friendly communities.”The WLT-18 is Millerbernd Lighting’s second approved “turtle-friendly” solution for coastal lighting. “Back in 2011, we received a similar certification for our MBT-24 LED Bollard. Also named the S.S. Turtle Bollard,” said Mitch Gaida, national sales director for Millerbernd Lighting. “This wall mounted sconce is a great complementary fixture with our award winning bollard.”The Wildlife Lighting Certification Program is a cooperative effort between the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designed to educate the public, the building industry, and government officials how to minimize adverse impacts on wildlife by using proper lighting methods and technologies. The Wildlife Lighting Certification Program identifies unique lighting fixtures, shields, and lamps such as Millerbernd’s bollards and wall sconces that are appropriate for use in areas where wildlife is affected by light pollution.“Our turtle-friendly stainless steel fixtures are truly a cost-effective solution for this special environmental need,” explains Mitch Gaida, national sales director for Millerbernd Lighting, “These certified fixtures not only are designed to save turtles lives, but its series 316 stainless steel corrosion resistant housing will actually outlast the LED source—delivering optimum long-term value to the coastal areas they are installed.”

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