Solutions for LED assembly - Techsil launches new brochure

Feb. 7, 2013
Date Announced: 07 Feb 2013 Industrial adhesive and sealant supplier, Techsil, have recently launched a new brochure specifically for the LED industry. The brochure consolidates the materials that have been in demand from manufacturers in the field of LED assembly over recent months and presents them in an easy to find format.Chris Dilley, Sales Director, said "It's great to put this all together in one specific package for the LED industry. Our partnership approach with clients has helped to select products that achieve optical clarity and thermal conductivity; and protect components against moisture ingress, vibration and harsh environments. We hope that companies in the business of LED Assembly find this a valuable resource"The brochure contains 18 materials in the following categories:•LED Encapsulants, LED Potting and Protection•Thermal Management Sealants and Adhesives•Thermal Compounds, Greases and TapesThe materials have been carefully selected for LED lighting applications in luminaires and assemblies but Techsil are not limiting their scope to just these and are continually searching out new materials with high performance benefits for their customers.The brochure can be viewed online on the Techsil website

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