Grah Lighting products to illuminate ski track in Norway

Feb. 12, 2013
Date Announced: 12 Feb 2013 Environmentally friendly LED technology is suitable for installation in nature, hence Grah Lighting’s products will illuminate cross-country ski track in Northern Europe. Cutting-edge technology will enable the usage of ski track in long winter evenings. 87 Grah® LED Lighting luminares illuminate 2.5 kilometres of cross-country ski track, which is located 50 kilometres south of industrial town Drammen in Norway. Ski track owner decided for LED technology due to its extremely low energy consumption, long lifespan, pleasant colour temperature and instant on capability. It is very important in nature that the light is directional. Grah® LED Lighting luminaires are in accordance with EU directives and with full cutoff optics direct light beams exactly where needed. The new lighting illuminates the ski track in winter months on average six hours a day. LSL®30 lamps, which are normally used for bicycle lanes, parking lots, private driveways and smaller roadways, can easily withstand difficult weather conditions. Robust housing made of aluminium alloy enables increased overall performance and extends luminaire’s lifetime up to 100,000 hours.

Katja Gorsek

E-mail:[email protected]