Grasp Lighting Group announces name of resort project

Feb. 26, 2013
Date Announced: 26 Feb 2013 Grasp Lighting Group, LLC is pleased to announce the name of their latest LED lighting retrofit project. The Pelican Grand Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is receiving the personalized attention of the GRASP team in their LED lighting retrofit. Over 200 Toshiba PAR20s have been installed with the proper beam and color. More than 200 ATG Electronics LED tubes are being installed using a customized but standard external driver to mute the light output as requested. The ATG LED tube replaces the 34W fluorescent tube and is using less than 9W. ROI on the beautiful Toshiba PAR20s is less than 8 months and the ROI on the ATG tubes is 5 months. Warranty on both products is 5 years. The DOE and the owner are pleased with the color ambiance and the savings of both products. Contact GRASP for further details and book a room at the Pelican for an most wonderful stay overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Fort Lauderdale......and while you are there check out the new LED products. Additionally RGB systems were installed in the new restaurant areas and further projects are under review.

Peter V, Baker Founder Grasp Lighting group, LLC

E-mail:[email protected]