High-brightness LED driver integrated circuits global market forecast (2012-2019)

Feb. 20, 2013
Date Announced: 20 Feb 2013 Aptos, CA (USA) – ElectroniCast Consultants, a leading market research consultancy, today announced the release of their 2013 market review and forecast of the worldwide use of High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes (HB-LED) Driver Integrated Circuits (ICs) in illumination. Values include LED Driver IC (packaged chip only).According to ElectroniCast, the worldwide total consumption value of HB-LED Driver ICs reached $1.79 billion in 2012. During the 2012-2019 timeline, the consultancy forecasts that the consumption value will grow at an average annual rate of 27 percent to $9.59 billion in the year 2019. Market forecast data in this study report refers to consumption (use) for a particular calendar year; therefore, this data is not cumulative data.The light emitting diode (LED) market, despite exciting innovative devices driven by technological advances and ecological/energy-saving concerns, still face challenges in overcoming performance/price limitations and in attracting widespread consumption. The use of HB-LED Driver ICs in general lighting, as well as several other applications studied by ElectroniCast, is increasing. For example, in the general lighting application, the increase in consumption is initially driven from government-based retrofitting projects – then to commercial/business – and eventually to the consumer-level. High Brightness (HB) LEDs face the challenge of creating definitive positions in the illumination market, as competing lighting solutions are readily available and generally accepted. While this does not limit the potential success of HB-LEDs, it does create some challenges. High Brightness (HB) LEDs, defined by ElectroniCast for the purpose of this study as component-level bulbs (packaged LEDs) with a lumens/Watt rating of 30 lm/W and above. This market forecast report is available immediately from ElectroniCast Consultants. For detailed information on this or other services provided by ElectroniCast, please contact Theresa Hosking, Marketing/Sales; [email protected] (Telephone/USA: 831-708-2381)ElectroniCast Consultants – www.electronicast.com specializes in forecasting trends in technology forecasting, markets and applications forecasting, strategic planning and consulting. ElectroniCast Consultants, as a technology-based independent forecasting firm, serves industrial companies, trade associations, government agencies, communication and data network companies and the financial community. Reduction of the risk of major investment decisions is the main benefit provided. ElectroniCast Consultants’ goal is to understand the challenges and opportunities facing clients and to provide timely, accurate information for strategic planning.

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