Light-Based Technologies demonstrates color mixing at Strategies in Light 2013

Feb. 11, 2013
Date Announced: 11 Feb 2013 LBT’s 2 and 3 channel LED driver solutions accurately mix colors to unlock the possibilities of LED lighting. Light-Based Technologies (LBT), a leading developer of intelligent power and control electronics for solid state lighting (SSL), will be demonstrating their Warm-on-Dim and CCT Tuning LED driver prototypes at this year’s Strategies in Light, the leading event for the global LED and lighting industry. LBT continues to develop innovative solutions in order to deliver the highest quality light. These prototypes demonstrate LBT’s approach to multi-channel control for color mixing with a specially designed LuxiTune emitter from LED Engin and the Sharp Tiger Zenigata COB. “Light-Based Technologies is on the leading edge of the next generation of lighting. Energy efficiency is driving updates today, but where the true value of lighting will be is color and intensity control. It is about human preference and comfort” says Rod Heller, founder at Energy Performance Lighting, a Wisconsin based lighting design firm.The fact that color mixing will add value to solid-state lighting is supported by a large, and growing, body of evidence. There is a wealth of research outlining advantages offered by color mixing, along both qualitative and quantitative metrics. Studies to date have documented increased productivity in the workplace, improved retail results, as well as improved educational and health outcomes at schools and hospitals as a result of color mixing fixtures. This theoretical value is backed by the initial success of early market entrants, like the Philips Hue bulb. “There is a world of possibility that LEDs open up, and energy saving is just scratching the surface,” said Art Aylesworth, CEO at LBT. “We’ve already seen the first examples of full color control and intelligent lighting installations, and both research and user feedback will pave the way for realizing the potential value that these features allow. Our unique firmware platform is particularly well suited to the rapid delivery of the functions necessary to capitalize on these exciting opportunities. ” LBT will also be demonstrating its industry best deep dimming UC LED driver, at Strategies in Light, February 12-14, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in booth 935. LBT’s 120V UC LED driver is the only driver to offer both phase cut and 0-10V dimming in the same unit, and the 25W version is currently available. About Light-Based Technologies (LBT)Light-Based Technologies (LBT) develops intelligent power and control electronics that enable and optimize solid state lighting. LBT’s firmware programmable platform addresses the immediate pains in the lighting industry, while unlocking the next generation of intelligent functionality. This forward looking approach provides the granularity of control necessary to deliver personalized light. Specializing in high quality deep dimming, ultra-compatible configurability and complete spectral control, LBT represents the future of solid state lighting control technology.LBT is making its technology available to the market through its line of LED drivers and proprietary ICs. For more information on the company, please visit

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