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Feb. 8, 2013
Date Announced: 08 Feb 2013 A building illuminated with only LED! No fluorescent, incandescent or discharge technologies in sight....... has it happened? Yes – Cumbrian based LED manufacturers Forge Europa have recently commissioned what is believed to be, the first building in the UK incorporating only LED technology.Forge Europa’s growth meant that the company needed to extend its premises with the development of a new building to house its market leading testing facilities, and to create additional office and conference space. Forge Europa used its expertise and core strengths of custom and award winning innovation in LED lighting to bring its brand to life and demonstrate a cost and energy efficient, 100% LED lit new build.The Lighting Solutions Centre (LSC) utilises the benefits, validates the performance and implements the best of LED technology - proving such a scheme can create a productive and aesthetically pleasing work environment. The whole ethos of the LSC is to provide aesthetic and efficient light where and when needed, using 100% LED lighting. Peter Barton, Managing Director explains: “Forge Europa has been championing LED technology for over 20 years, and we are keen to promote the potential, efficiency and aesthetics of this incredible light source. We wanted to rise to the challenge of a 100% LED build using standard and customised LED lighting solutions demonstrating our business and illustrating our capabilities.”Forge Europa developed a lighting philosophy to:• Create a productive, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing work environment.• Maintain usage flexibility whilst ensuring consistency across the building• Use task and ambient lighting (indirect/direct)• Be fully automated • Provide illumination only where and when needed reducing energy consumption• Ensure consistent colour temperature across all areas (4000K)• Minimise maintenance Visitors are welcomed into the reception area by a central architecture lighting feature providing background illumination. This is achieved using custom linear, high efficiency DALI controlled luminaires combining beautiful light with efficient performance. The area is augmented with spot lights for effective task and display lighting. This area was designed to set the scene for the lighting philosophy employed throughout the rest of the building.Comprising four floors, each features distinct zones including office areas, meeting spaces, kitchens, lobby and corridors. The lighting scheme has to be flexible and functional, with Illuminance levels in line with current building regulations. Efficiency is supported through the use of intelligent DALI based lighting controls incorporating presence detection and ambient light level monitoring.As a key part of the lighting philosophy, control is needed to incorporate constant illumination, presence and absence detection and enable re-programming according to room and zone requirements. Helvar’s DIGIDIM DALI control system offered multichannel DALI and mains dimming options, with the flexibility of multiple sensors on the same network. Sensing: The light sensor detects the influence of external light in the internal space and adjusts illuminance levels, this benefits staff by maintaining a consistent level of light that isn’t obtrusive- it also means that lights are only on when needed.Direct illumination is achieved through the implementation of custom down light fittings featuring Cree’s high efficiency LMR4. The indirect lighting component is based on the same linear fitting as implemented in the reception area thus providing continuity in colour, output and control. Ian Dixon, Sales Manager says: “The lighting reinforces our professionalism and supports a positive and productive work environment.” Areas including the kitchen, corridors, stairwells and lobby benefitted from the quick and easy installation of Forge Europa’s GU10 and MR16 low energy LED lamps. Mark McIntosh explains: “Our LED lamps were selected to demonstrate in a real and practical environment that these LED light sources are viable alternatives to traditional incandescents.” The top floor of the LSC is a bespoke conference facility. The beautiful curved ceiling has been designed to reflect light along its surface from the linear luminaires achieving a graduated, indirect illumination. The lighting is fully controllable via a user friendly touch panel interface to support the optimum light for presentations, meetings, conferences etc. In the event of a power failure, the LSC has been installed with Thorlux Scanlight emergency down lighters. These units automatically switch on when the mains supply is interrupted, enabling safe exit from the building. They also feature auto monitoring, further reducing maintenance.Forge Europa’s attention to detail has extended to even include the emergency lift light: the bulk headlight within the lift shaft was specified to be LED “in the spirit of the whole building, we ensured every single light source was LED” Mark McIntosh explains.The exterior facade of the building is illuminated by iGuzzini iPro flood lights – specifically selected to pick out the detailed stone work on the easterly elevation. As daylight fades, the iGuzzini Glim Cube reveal lights enhance each window surround, creating discrete lighting and adding stylish character to the building. (Designed by Piero Castiglioni the Glim Cube’s “showcase and decorate spaces with vertical and horizontal strips of light”, providing the light source to the base of the building, highlighting individual aspects of the façade.)Commitment to environmental policyForge Europa always works to reduce the company’s environmental impact and that of its customers. Julie Barton, HR Director explains: “The whole building has been created with innovatively designed; attractive lighting that demonstrates our green credentials and is underpinned by our sound environmental policy commitments. Our lighting significantly minimises energy consumption and reduces our carbon footprint.”Peter Barton adds: “We are keen to demonstrate how energy efficiency can reduce its impact on the bottom line with lighting that ultimately pays for itself. We want to promote energy and carbon reduction, whilst enhancing lighting performance, creating a beautifully illuminated building.”

Sarah Simpson Product Marketing Co-ordinator Forge Europa

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