GSZM introduces 360 degree spatial LED

May 3, 2013
Date Announced: 03 May 2013 As we know, LED is directional in nature, however, the world’s first “360 degrees spatial LED ” was born in the“ white LED lab” of Shenzhen Good-Self Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. And it has already won a patent. The launch of 360 degrees spatial LED rewrite the history of the directional LED. The LED with 360 degrees spatial light technology can emitted in all directions. We have applied this technology to a wide range of application, from low-power LED ,high-power LED to super-power LED, also, from white LED to monochrome light. Most importantly, 360 degrees spatial light is with high luminous quality, including high luminous efficacy, glare free, no multi shadow, perfect light distribution, soft light, uniform color, stereoscopic impressive shape, no ghosting, and with top-level Weluna.Product parameter: • Product applies anti-decay silicon material• Yellow or milky white surface• Two inducting pins are made of silver-plated red copper.• The illuminating angle of product is 360 degrees• 350mA DC input, no hidden hazard• Lifespan of product is over 20000hrsProduct description:Emitted Color: white CCT:K1:2700~3000K K2:3000~3500K K3:3500~4500K K4:4500~5500K K5:5500~6500K K6:≥6500KWorking Voltage: 3.0-3.3VWorking Current:: 350mATyp. Total Energy Used : 1WLuminous Flux: 90~115lmBeam Angle : 360ºCRI: 65~80Dimensions: Φ12mmProduct features:Lighting decay characteristics: Lighting level, no decay .Luminescent characteristics: 360° spatial lightQuality of lighting: High photosynthetic efficiency, no glare, no exposure dead Angle, brightness and color distribution is uniform, the light is downy, modelling the stereoscopic effect is strong, no ghosting, bright feeling index (Weluna) has achieved the level of the Ⅰ.

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