TerraLUX earns Energy Star certification for DLR7-H LED downlight retrofit kit

May 22, 2013
Date Announced: 22 May 2013 UL certified downlight solution now ready for utility rebatesLONGMONT, Colo. -- TerraLUX Inc., an industry leader that designs, patents, and manufactures LED-based lighting solutions, announced today that its DLR7-H LED downlight retrofit kit has received ENERGY STAR® certification.The TerraLUX DLR7-H eliminates the need to constantly be changing out overheated, burnt out, horizontally mounted CFL bulbs in recessed downlights. The DLR7-H is more efficient and offers a longer lifespan than CFLs in downlight installations. In many commercial buildings, downlights provide a significant amount of common area illumination, many running 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The TerraLUX DLR7-H is UL certified for retrofit and over 60,000 hours of continuous use, retaining more than 70% of its original light output after close to 7 years of non-stop lighting."We are thrilled that the DLR7-H has earned ENERGY STAR® approval," said Business Development Manager at TerraLUX, Matthew Sallee. "Customers considering an LED retrofit project are doing so for two reasons, maintenance savings and energy savings. Having ENERGY STAR® on the DLR7-H will reinforce to our customers that they are making the smart choice when they choose TerraLUX products for their retrofit."The DLR7-H simply installs into existing can hardware, with no external ballasts or drivers required and no change to the look of the fixture. Compatible with most 6-10 inch recessed CFL cans, up to 277 volts, the DLR7-H is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The DLR7-H typically replaces 2 x 13 watt CFL or 2 x 18 watt CFL or 1 x 26 watt CFL using only 16 watts of input power.The DLR7-H is available in five color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K) all with Color Rendering above 80 CRI.For more information about the DLR7-H and all TerraLUX LED lighting solutions, visit: www.terraluxillumination.com/downlight.About TerraLUX Inc.TerraLUX Inc., headquartered in Longmont, CO, invents, designs, patents, manufactures, and distributes innovative high power LED solutions for general illumination, industrial, commercial, medical and portable applications. TerraLUX produces fully integrated LED Light Engines and Modules to replace incandescent bulbs in commercial lighting as well as many popular flashlights and lighting tools. LED lighting is energy efficient and mercury-free, and can provide significant relief from current energy consumption.

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