Toshiba improves Hilton Austin lighting with LED retrofit lamps

May 22, 2013
Date Announced: 22 May 2013 A HOTEL BRAND TO BE TRUSTED.Renowned for live music, Austin boasts a lively entertainment scene which draws crowds by the thousands each weekend and sells out hotel rooms. Towering 31 floors, the Hilton on 4th street adjacent to the Austin Convention Center is a prime choice for tourists looking for a hotel brand they can trust right in the heart of Austin’s downtown charm.SUPERIOR ILLUMINATION, PERFORMANCE AND APPEAL. TOSHIBA CAN.When management at the Hilton Austin decided to upgrade their lighting throughout the hotel, they turned to another trusted brand, Toshiba. Traditional lamp sources were swapped out in the lobby and coffee shop and were replaced with over 1,000 PAR38s, MR16s and A19s. The Hilton’s Director of Property Operations, John Culp, paired up with Bell & McCoy’s Jim Martin to ensure the project would be a success. Quality of light, superior performance and aesthetic appeal were all achieved at the completion of this two phase retrofit project.TOSHIBA LED LIGHTING PRODUCTS:• Provide superior light quality with a variety of color temperatures and distributions• Use up to 85% less energy than incandescent and halogen lamps• Contain no mercury or lead• Reach full brightness instantly• Emit up to 70% less UV rays than traditional sources• Are backed by a Toshiba five-year limited warrantyThe decision to move away from traditional lamp sources and to energy efficient LEDs was made easier when the Hilton team learned of the significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs that would result from the change. Toshiba’s PAR38 LED lamps have a rated life of 40,000 hours which means they will last three times longer than traditional light bulbs; they contain no harmful ultraviolet rays and reduce heat. Further, the Hilton Austin will be able to boast a return on investment within 18 months*!*based on $.095 kWh electricity/24h a day

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