Aluwave provides LED to classic Nordic outdoor lighting

May 13, 2013
Date Announced: 13 May 2013 The well-known fixture, VG 10, which has been installed outdoors in volumes of hundreds of thousands in the Nordic countries, is now available in LED based versions. This is thanks to a unique cooperation between Aluwave, provider of customized LED modules and systems, and the Swedish lighting supplier Nokalux. The new LED version of VG 10 is available either as a completely new fixture or as an upgrading kit of the light source to be used in existing fixtures.”Besides the fact that the European Union prohibits mercury lamps from 2015, our customers will find it profitable to use LED light sources, both in new and existing VG 10 fixtures. LED is significantly more energy efficient than other technologies and will reduce the energy consumption by up to 50%”, says Magnus Jonsson, CEO at Nokalux.The design of the LED version is based on the latest LED technology and fulfills the unique demands on light quality, light flux, energy efficiency and heat management.“Aluwave has developed a customized LED light source. The solution is based on high demands on light quality and length of life time but also other aspects like integrated driver electronics and efficient heat management. When summarizing the result, we are extremely satisfied”, says Jonas Stålhandske, CEO at Aluwave.Thanks to the new LED-based upgrading kit, existing customers may now easily replace their mercury light sources and gain both economic and environmental savings. As the light source is designed to fit existing optics and electrical installations, the customers can keep both the lamp house and installation on site when swapping the light source. Customers in pilot projects report a replacement time of approximately 10 minutes per fixture.Aluwave has designed the complete light source including LED-module, heat sink, driver electronics and runs the production of the LED light source. Serial production and deliveries to Nokalux have started.About Aluwave: Aluwave is a rapidly growing provider of customized LED modules and systems to the lighting industry thanks to its design library and in-house production in Sweden. The success of the company is a result of its competence in cooling of electronics which is vital to LED systems as the heat tolerance of light emitting diodes is low. Aluwave provides solutions to the market of General lighting, Street lighting, Vehicle lighting and Technical lighting.About Nokalux:Nokalux, based in Töcksfors in Sweden, designs and produces lighting solutions for the professional Nordic market.

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