American Illumination serves up Verde retrofit series LED direct replacements for 13W CFL

May 31, 2013
Date Announced: 31 May 2013 LOS ANGELES, CA - Introducing a new bulb that is highly energy efficient, provides loads of lumens, and is pleasant to behold. The Verde series LED GU24 direct replacement lamp by American Illumination need not be hidden in today's lighting designs (unlike the lamp it is replacing - the 13W compact fluorescent). Part of the company's new Verde retrofit series, this new model is one of the few GU24 direct replacement light bulbs available, and is the only one compatible with the GU24 locking ring for simple transitions from CFL to LED. American Illumination's GU24 bulb was displayed along with the rest of the Verde Retrofit Series bulbs at Lightfair International spring 2013 and will be just in time for NeoCon June 2013."With the Verde Retrofit lamps, we wanted to push energy savings even further," said Gina Lee, marketing director for American Illumination. "CFLs are already a low-cost, low-energy solution available to the public, but these sources tend to produce a harsh quality of light and of course present drawbacks such as mercury content and the risk of broken glass. With the GU24 bulb we wanted to use our expertise in cutting edge LED engine design by providing a direct replacement lamp that is easy to install in existing applications and provide an excellent solution for lighting designers and OEM’s tapping into the GU24 model for fixture designs."The Verde GU24 bulb replaces the 13W CFL, consuming only 8.5W of total power and emitting over 700 lumens (warm white) for an 80+ lumens per watt efficacy. This replacement bulb provides considerable light output for residential and commercial applications, such as decorative pendants, chandeliers, vanity lights and various indoor fixtures such as ceiling fans and desk lamps.Chip on board LED technologyThis new GU24 lamp contains chip on board (COB) LED technology, which means high heat conductivity and low thermal resistance for improved heat management. The aluminum housing is both attractive and functional, presenting a threaded body that is both compatible with standard GU24 locking rings and also acts as the bulb heat sink. The unique multidirectional diffuser emits a beam spread over 180° for generous, even illumination without visibly unattractive LED hot spots.The GU24 will be available to commercial interior designers, facility managers, chain store buyers, OEMs, lighting designers and distributors through American Illumination’s sales channels. For additional information contact American Illumination at (310) 202-6500 or visit American Illumination, Inc.®American Illumination, Inc.® specializes in designing and creating LED light engines for OEM fixture manufacturers and other lighting providers. The firm offers custom design solutions and helps companies streamline LED adoption while maintaining a high aesthetic and performance standard.

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