Mecharonix announces thermal products for Citizen CitiLED COB LEDs

May 4, 2013
Date Announced: 04 May 2013 With the raising demand for standard and validated cooling solutions, MechaTronix has recently launched a full series of passive and active LED cooling solutions for the latest generation Citizen CITILED COB’sThese new standard LED cooling products offer a safe and validated thermal solution for all the new Citizen CITILED packages, going from the CLL020/CLL022 package size over the CLL030/CLL032 and CLL040/CLL042 all the way up to the CLL050/CLL052The MechaTronix LED coolers are validated both for the first generation Citizen CITILED COB’s as well as the second generation which was just launched some weeks ago on the Euroluce 2013 show in Milan ItalyThis means for you as a Citizen user an of the shelf validated LED cooling solution available for 500 lumen all the way up to 14.000 lumenThermal validation tests have been performed on both the nominal driving currents of the CITILED COB’s as well as on the maximal ratings under different ambient temperaturesWith this data on hand you have a perfect prediction on the thermal results you will get in your design and the related life time you can expect of your luminaireBesides the mounting holes for fixation of the CITILED COB’s, these LED coolers are standard foreseen for mounting of the newest LED holders from BJB and Tyco Electronics Connectivity, what gives you easy solder less mounting options and let you implement reflectors from various manufacturers like Ledil and Kathod without the need for extra modificationsSamples are available through our headquarter and our worldwide distribution networkDatasheets and further data on the eco program between Citizen and MechaTronix are available on www.led-heatsink.comAbout MechaTronix MechaTronix was founded as a high end and creative Asian based design and manufacturing company for mechanical parts in metal and plastic. With the headquarters based in Kaohsiung Taiwan, MechaTronix became a power house for the design and manufacturing of heat sinks and thermal solutions for OEM and LED lighting applications. Strategic partnerships with major LED manufacturers and sharing of our thermal knowledge with their luminaire designers are our core missions. From simple passive cooling over advanced heat pipe technology to active cooling solutions, MechaTronix offers of the shelf and specific solutions to their worldwide base of professional customers. For more information about the company, please visit

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