L.J. Star releases LED sight glass light with six LEDs for additional light output

May 22, 2013
Date Announced: 22 May 2013 Sight glass light has new option for six LEDs rather than three - provides brighter light and clearer viewsTWINSBURG, Ohio - L.J. Star's award-winning LED Luminaire Series 55-EX, the first high power LED sight glass light with an explosion-proof rating, is now available with six LEDs rather than three. The additional LEDs produce an extremely bright light that provides a well-lit view of the interior of process vessels, such as tanks, reactors, hoppers, silos and pipelines, as well as illuminates less transparent process media, to give operators a clear view of their processes.Employing state-of-the-art green technology, the Series 55-EX sight glass light is specially designed to produce light without heat and has an exceptionally long operating life of approximately 50,000 hours - more than five and a half years of maintenance-free operation - 50 times that of a halogen bulb. These features make it ideal for heat-sensitive processes and use in sight glass applications where exceptional reliability and low maintenance are required. Its compact construction and lack of fragile filaments make it shock and vibration resistant - making it ideal for use in harsh applications.The exceptionally long operating life of 50,000 hours significantly reduces the need for maintenance. Less maintenance is particularly important in those hazardous areas where power must be shut off before a bulb can be replaced. Less maintenance also translates into fewer interruptions in process viewing that could adversely affect high-value process media. One major pharmaceutical company estimated that it will save $5,000 in maintenance costs over the 5-1/2 year life of the LEDs, a savings that will recoup the premium cost of the luminaire within 1-1/2 years (not including energy savings).The six-LED version of the sight glass light is significantly brighter than the three-LED version, with the exact percentage determined by the angle at which the light is measured. When measured on a 10 degree output angle, the six-LED version yields 50% more light output; on a 25 degree output angle, the six-LED version produces a 138% increase in light output over the three-LED version. Moreover, light from an LED is similar to the light of mid-day, versus light from a halogen bulb which approximates dusk and may cause eye strain.The six LED option is currently available with an aluminum housing (model ASL55-EX); a stainless steel housing for the six-LED option (model ESL55-EX), will be available in fall 2013.To learn more about the Series 55-EX sight glass light, visit http://www2.ljstar.com/l/12112/2013-05-15/8zhzy.Complete Sight Glass Product LineIn addition to the LED Ex Luminaire Series, L.J. Star offers a wide variety of conventional and explosion-proof luminaires for lighting the interiors of tanks, pipes and vessels. Beyond luminaires, L.J. Star offers a complete sight glass product line including sight glasses, sight flow indicators, stainless sanitary fittings, and camera systems.AvailabilityThe ASL-55-EX sight glass light is available from stock. For additional information, contact L.J. Star Incorporated at www.ljstar.com, 330-405-3040, fax 330-405-3070, [email protected] L.J. StarL.J. Star Incorporated provides an extensive line of process observation equipment - sight glasses, lights, sanitary fittings, and level gage instrumentation. Product lines include Metaglas® Safety Sight Windows, Lumiglas® Explosion Proof Lights and Cameras, Sight Flow Indicators, Sight Ports, Sanitary Clamps, Magnetic Level Gages and Gage Glass. Metaglas is the #1 selling fused sight glass, proven in thousands of installations around the world. Unlike some other sight glasses, it meets stringent DIN 7079 and DIN 7080 quality standards, and it is approved for USP Type I use. For additional information, or to request third-party documentation of standards compliance and product performance claims, contact L.J. Star Incorporated, P.O. Box 1116, Twinsburg, OH 44087.

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