EIC 120W Dolphin Heat Engine LED street light is now avaiable for the US market

May 6, 2013
Date Announced: 06 May 2013 About EIC HEAT ENGINE Dolphin LED street lightsEIC High Power LED Street Light is a new solution for traditional street illumination. Direct connection to 85~265VAC AC Power, the LED Street Light embodying state-of-the-art high power LED technology is a green “environmental friendly” product.Street light opticsCITIZEN COB LED chipsHigh Transmission glass lens with rectangular BeamReduced excessive lighting and light pollutionHigher efficacy, up to 90 lm/W, more energy and money savingUnique HEAT ENGINE technology, Tc≤45℃Durability, IP67 driver, IP66 full sealed housing Aero superior aluminum alloy body, super conductive Nano powder coatingLonger lifespan≥50,000hrs, low maintenance RoHS compliantFor road and area lighting: e.g. roads, streets, industrial parks/plant, packing lots, path, driveways and other outdoor public lightingAdvantagesEIC HEAT ENGINE technology is applied to solve the heat problem on LED applications, you know it is very important to solve heat dissipation for LED lights, especially COB chipped street lights. It will directly related to the life span. Inside of our housing, pipe network is embedded. And the pipe is vacuum and linked to chip board in which is filled with our patent special liquid which can phase change to vapor after absorbed the heat from chips, and the hot vapor will rise up into the housing to spread the heat around the housing. The housing exchange heat with cool air and make the vapor cooled down and the vapor will become liquid again and flow back to the chip board to stand by for next cycles. That is the principle of our HEAT ENGINE. It is most advanced passive heat dissipation in the world and we are the first to apply this technology. And our heat sink efficiency will be improved 30% than traditional method. Second, we use Japanese CITIZEN COB chip, brighter, more stable and less heat and they are packed with Nichia’s LEDs. The luminous efficacy is up to 120lm/W. and our fixture efficacy is 95-100lm/W, higher output and more energy saving. Third, we use self-designed glass lenses, bat wing light pattern, reduce light pollution and high uniformity. Right now we provide five years warranty for our street lights. We can guarantee lowest maintenance and trouble saving. Why not visit our web for more info: www.eicsun.com/product_show_01.php?id=196

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