Mean Well launches DC-DC constant current LED driver LDD-HS/LS series

May 10, 2013
Date Announced: 10 May 2013 After the launch of LDD-H/HW and LDD-L/LW series, MEAN WELL further announced two kinds of DC-DC Buck converter with constant current output for LED driving purpose ~ LDD-HS and LDD-LS series. With SMD package, they are suitable to be mounted by surface mounted-process (SMT) on the system PCB of lighting fixture and save the labor cost of installation. LDD-HS features with 9~56VDC input and 2~52VDC output range while LDD-LS possesses range of 9~32VDC input and 2~28VDC output. Both series provide multiple output current options of 300mA/350mA/500mA/600mA/700mA/1000mA (1000mA for LDD-HS only) for LED system designers to choose from. Accompany with the LDD-H/L (pin style) and LDD-HW/LW (wire style), MEAN WELL currently can offer the DC-DC LED drivers in three different package types from 300 to 1000mA output current and satisfy the demand of various driving current and installation designs. With non-isolated Buck topology design and high quality components, LDD-HS/LS series possess up to 96% of extremely high efficiency and can operate between -40~+85°C of ambient temperature by only free air convection (up to 71°C for 600mA~1000mA models). Built-in EMI filter, these LED drivers comply with EMI requirements per EN55015 lighting regulation without connecting any external EMI restraint components. Other standard functions include PWM dimming, remote ON/OFF control, protections for short circuit and over temperature, wide range of input/output voltage. Besides, the optional conformal coating models can provide the basic ability of anti-dust and anti-moisture. Suitable applications include street lighting, landscape lighting, tunnel lighting, household lighting, and all kinds of LED lighting systems.Feature:1. SMD type (non-potted) 2. Constant current (C.C.) mode output 3. Wide input / Output voltage range 4. 96% high efficiency 5. Built-in PWM dimming function 6. Remote ON / OFF control 7. Cooling by free air convection 8. Protections : Short circuit, over temperature 9. UL94-V0 level plastic case 10.Optional conformal coating models 11.Approval : FCC / CE 12.3 years warranty


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