Spring City launches the new Symphonic LED System

May 9, 2013
Date Announced: 09 May 2013 The new LED System produces superior downward uniformity while achieving over 80 lumens per watt and backed by a 10 year warranty.Spring City recently unveiled their newly engineered LED System. Fittingly named the Symphonic LED System, it combines individual engineered advancements into one system that out performs and outlast other systems on the market.The Symphonic utilizes the patented Crossfire Optical System. Crossfire combines the angle and position of the optics along with refraction technology to take advantage of the directional nature of the LEDs. The result are beams of light weaving together to create the appearance of a single light source, which maximizes light output and downward uniformity.The Crossfire optical system is combined with Spring City’s patented Coolcast Thermal Management System to enhance light output performance, increase longevity, and drastically reduce maintenance costs. Coolcast controls heat through its horizontal and vertical ribbing which pulls heat away from the Crossfire optics directing outward to dissipate through the cast aluminum hood. This creates stable low temperatures to allow the other components of the fixture to work at their optimal level. The Symphonic LED System orchestrates individual engineering achievements into a system that increases downward uniformity while achieving over 80 lumens per watt and meets RP-8. The unique performance now allows customers the flexibility to evaluate wattage and pole placement which can lower upfront costs and improve the ROI.If you’d like more information about Spring City’s new Symphonic LED System, please call Tracie Wolf at 610-569-4224 or email Tracie at [email protected]

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