Grah Lighting to improve visibility on roads in Dutch countryside

May 29, 2013
Date Announced: 29 May 2013 European producer of LED lighting together with its Dutch partner found the right way to illuminate rural areas with solar LED luminaires. New luminaires with a combination of green LEDs use less energy and enable better colour perception.Grah Lighting and Solar&LED Solutions developed the solution for countryside. Solar LED products from Grah Lighting’s Aerolite family have low energy consumption, which has positive effect on battery autonomy of the solar panel. Illumination standards in rural areas are not as strict as in urban areas; therefore the light can be less intense. People walking in streets lit by public lighting use both their cones and their rods. Most conventional street lighting is orange in colour; fine for the cones, but not for the rods. Street lighting that contains green and blue light enable us to better discern contrast, as our rods are most sensitive to these colours. How well we can see in the twilight, therefore not only depends on the light intensity, but also on the light spectrum. Green LEDs soften glare, enable better colour perception and give nicer lighting effect.For many years Grah Lighting has been supporter and donor of International Dark-Sky Association ( IDA is the only non-profit organization fighting to preserve the night. The organisation, through its policies and efforts, seeks to improve the nighttime environment by reducing light pollution through better lighting practices, to preserve nocturnal wildlife and ecosystems, to increase visibility, safety, and security at night by reducing glare. Less than hundred world’ manufacturers with »IDA Fixture Seal of Approval« produce appropriate and environmentally friendly outdoor lighting products.

Katja Gorsek

E-mail:[email protected]