Edison Opto launches PLCC LED tube light and panel light at Lightfair

April 29, 2013
Date Announced: 29 Apr 2013 Having the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and long life, LED has been gaining popularity in all kinds of lighting fields. Office buildings which replace traditional lamps with LED lighting can save considerable electricity in long-term use. Also, LED lighting can reduce the costs of fixture maintenance and replacement. In view of these advantages and trends, the Taiwanese LED leading manufacturer – Edison Opto has launched PLCC linear module which can be used in panel light and tube light. In addition, the modularized product features design flexibility so that designers can evolve different lighting applications from PLCC linear module. PLCC linear module uses high brightness SMD LED, which consumes lower power and has the characteristic of high efficacy. At present, Edison Opto provides two different dimensions - panel light module and tube light module. Under 13 Watt, panel light module with PLCC 3014 cool white can reach 1100 lumens. Due to the features of thin volume, uniform light and high brightness, the panel light module can be applied in fashion design luminaires as office lighting. As for the tube light module, there are two emitter types (PLCC 3014 and PLCC 5630) for customers to choose. Under 11.5 Watt, the brightness of tube light module with PLCC 3014 cool white can perform up to 1050 lumens. Under the same condition, the module with PLCC 5630 cool white can reach 1200 lumens, which is equivalent to 105 lm/W. The tube light module can replace traditional fluorescent light directly and achieve better lighting effects with high brightness and no flicker. PLCC linear module features slim design and light weight which is easy to assemble. Moreover, the modularized product can shorten designers’ developing process and expand quickly to the market. As a result, PLCC linear module is widely used in office lighting, residential lighting, parking lot lighting and other restricted space lighting. About Edison OptoEdison Opto has established the headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan since 2001. Edison Opto is a professional LED manufacturer which specialized in designing and producing High-power LEDs. In order to satisfy customers’ high standard requests for quality, Edison Opto established a LM80 approved laboratory which is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Edison Opto creates the LDMS service program, which integrates the four essential technologies in LED lighting applications (Thermal Management, Electrical Scheme, Mechanical Refinement and Optical Optimization), and provides customized professional design and production services, covering components, optical design, modules and products. In response to the rapid growth of capacity demand, Edison Opto has established factories in Dongguan and Yangzhou. Besides, in order to expand the service domain, Edison Opto has established subsidiaries in USA and Germany. Based on the worldwide service network, Edison Opto provides customers with complete product support and prompt delivery services.More Information about the company and our products can be found at www.edison-opto.com

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