Keystone LED introduces the KiiC intelligent driver

April 6, 2013
Date Announced: 06 Apr 2013 Compact. Firmware based. Programmable. The KiiC® adds a boost of intelligence and control to Luminaire design.Warminster Pennsylvania – April 5th 2013 - Keystone LED, a Pennsylvania company specializing in commercial LED lighting product development is proud to introduce the KiiC®. The KiiC, (Keystone Intelligent Interactive Controller), offers precise power delivery and control, shortens component selection time, and reduces the need for multiple power supply stock. The KiiC acts like a digitally programmable brain for modules and arrays.“The disconnect between Power Supply and LED manufacturers continues to cost the commercial LED industry in time, money and innovation”, says John Bloom, President and CEO of Keystone LED, “The KiiC turns the current model on its head by allowing the luminaire designer to digitally control input current and customize the power profile of the array.” Recent advances in Power Supply technology utilize multi-channel hardware to provide a limited number of fixed power options, the first generation KiiC uses a programmable and re-programmable firmware platform letting luminaire designers choose the desired power up to 10 amps, then precisely control and manipulate that power to add intelligence to any array. The KiiC identifies each LED confirming requirements based on designer supplied performance data. It then captures, isolates and controls delivery of input current, protecting the array from “Current Dump”.“Precise power control is just the start of what the KiiC can and ultimately will offer the luminaire manufacturer,” Says Richard Frantz, Owner of OTW Technology and lead Engineer on the KiiC project, “The firmware opens opportunities for designers and manufacturers to program their array with real intelligence.” The first generation KiiC device can be programmed to add layers of thermal protection by inputting commands for incremental reductions in current based on temperature thresholds. KiiC also controls peripheral functions such as active cooling and dimming. Finally, the KiiC can record and store critical performance data.The KiiC is ideal for high output illumination such as Highbays, Street and Parking Lights and custom architectural applications. Its robust, compact design (2” x 3” x 1”) allows the KiiC to be integrated into most light engine and fixture designs.“We invite luminaire manufacturers to contact us to try KiiC in their luminaires, and see how it can transform their designs,” says Walter Bloom, Keystone’s Vice-President, “We haven’t even scratched the surface of what KiiC can do.” About Keystone LEDKeystone LED LLC is a small Pennsylvania Technology Stert-up dedicated to product development for commercial LED luminaires. Keystone LED holds several patents in the field of Power, control and optical accessories. Keystone's Engineering and lab is housed in the historic Centerfuge building in Warminster Pennsylvania. ###ContactWalter M. Bloom - Vice-President and COOPH (215) 206-0437E-mail:[email protected]

Contact Walter M. Bloom - Vice-President and COO PH (215) 206-0437

E-mail:[email protected]