JLC-Tech will present the EMerge-compliant T-BAR LED Smartlight at Lightfair

April 16, 2013
Date Announced: 16 Apr 2013 JLC-TECH LLC will be exhibiting at Light Fair International located at booth #130 & in the EMerge Alliance booth #3446 presenting the T-BAR LED Smartlight™The T-BAR LED Smartlight is a revolutionary solid state lighting fixture designed in the shape of a standard cross T for integration into any suspended ceiling. The product fits a smaller linear area while giving the maximum output of light in a most streamlined and efficient design. Many products offer LED solutions to save consumers energy but the T-BAR LED Smartlight offers much more; The ability to integrate directly into the building space, a unique architectural interior lighting design, and a green building solution for today's architects and lighting designers. The T-BAR LED Smartlight is installed into suspended grid ceilings for commercial applications. The lighting fixture actually replaces selected cross Tees of the suspended ceiling by clipping the fixture into the grid system where the light is desired. The product line is offered in two foot and four foot lengths for the US market and equivalent lengths for European and other international markets. The T-BAR LED Smartlight comes in 9/16" and 15/16" widths directly replicating the measurements of the standard cross tee for easy compatibility with any grid ceiling system. The T-BAR LED Smartlight fixture is a great design tool, rendering unique and interesting interior spaces that today's modern architects and designers aspire to obtain. The T-BAR LED Smartlight allows for the architect and lighting designer to position the ambient light where it’s most needed, creating a softer and more diffused light while maintaining a modern bold design unlike the typical 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 panel light fixtures. In a recent T-BAR LED Smartlight installation at the AWeber Communications headquarters in Chalfont, PA, serving as a home base for the email marketing software's 80-person team, Architect Dave Schmauk of Wulff Architects stated that he selected the T-BAR LED Smartlight over other fixtures for two main reasons. First because the fixture has a unique linear design that fit the creative theme of the interior space and secondly because the T-BAR LED Smartlight fit the ceiling nearly flush to the grid allowing for it to almost disappear into the ceiling itself while still offering great general illumination. These aspects also allowed for the product to work great in conjunction with other chosen architectural lighting fixtures.The T-BAR LED Smartlight is now EMerge® Alliance registered and fully compatible with the Armstrong® DC FlexZone™ ceiling system and other Armstrong ceiling suspension systems. The Standard T-BAR LED Smartlight runs on 24Vdc power consuming only 17 watts per 2 foot product. In normal suspended ceiling applications the T-BAR LED Smartlight can be powered by a universal AC driver utilizing a class II installation. The Armstrong DC FlexZone grid is the only EMerge Alliance registered, ANSI-UL certified ceiling suspension system that has the ability to distribute safe, low voltage direct current (dc) power to lighting fixtures, sensors, and other electrical devices in the ceiling. The T-BAR LED Smartlight utilizes a T-BAR LED FlexZone kit to connect the lighting fixtures to the safe low 24 volt dc electricity running through the actual grid of the Armstrong DC FlexZone ceiling. This system enhances the Green Building quality of the T-BAR LED Smartlight product line by allowing it to work together with other EMerge Alliance registered products that bring even more energy efficient and intelligent building solutions to commercial interior spaces.The T-BAR LED Smartlight™ is the flag ship product of JLC-Tech and is a prime example of the company's mission. "We at JLC-Tech want to create progress for lighting design," says Mia Antonia, owner and Marketing Manger of JLC-Tech. "We are dedicated to maximizing the energy saving qualities of LEDs and marrying them to modern, creative and structurally interactive lighting designs. We are proud of this achievement and happy that the IES has also valued our lighting innovation by recognizing the T-BAR LED Smartlight™ for submittal in the 2012 IES Progress Report." We at JLC-TECH invite you to come see the T-BAR LED Smartlight in person at Light Fair International from April 23 - 25 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philladelphia, PA. We look forward to greeting you at our booth 130 and invite to see our EMerge Alliance registered product line at the EMerge Alliance booth #3446. JLC-Tech LLC - Bright ideas! JLC-Tech is specialized in LED Lighting solutions for commercial applications. The founders of JLC-Tech carry over 30 years of combined experience in the lighting industry and business management with both national and international expertise. Customers first! People at JLC-Tech are dedicated to offering the best possible service. Our vendors are all selected among the most reliable and have all operated in the lighting sector for many years. Our logistical platform can manage small or large orders taking the promised delivery date as a commitment.

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