Toshiba’s supplies LED lighting to Pelican Grand Beach Resort

April 11, 2013
Date Announced: 11 Apr 2013 NOT YOUR AVERAGE RESORT. NOT YOUR AVERAGE LIGHTING.The Pelican Grand Beach Resort is Fort Lauderdale’s premier waterfront resort complete with breathtaking views, and a friendly staff prepared to offer their guests an experience like no other. It is no surprise then, that Pelican management chose Toshiba LED Lighting to replace traditional lamp sources throughout the property and continue their plan of transcending the ‘ordinary’ hotels of Fort Lauderdale Beach.A GRAND PLAN TO ILLUMINATE HOSPITALITY WITH LESS ENERGY.To accomplish the desire to swap out over 200 of the resort’s old compact fluorescents and halogen light bulbs and replace them with energy efficient LED Par 20s, Peter Baker of Grasp Lighting Group, and Leroy Chisholm, the Pelican’s Director of Engineering, worked together to ensure all hallway sconces and ceiling lights would preserve the quality of light and have the right aesthetic appeal using Toshiba’s product. The next steps to further enhance this project will be to retrofit downlights within the resort’s restaurant,Ocean 2000, and in the main lobby.GRAND SAVINGS.With this retrofit from compact fluorescents and halogens to LED lighting, the Pelican Grand Beach Resort can expect exponential energy savings and reduced maintenance costs, while reducing heat and harmful ultraviolet rays. Toshiba’s PAR 20 LED lamps have a rated life of 40,000 hours, which means they will last 3 times longer than traditional light sources. Overall, this property will benefit from a return on investment in only eight months*!* based on $0.095 kWh electricity / 24h a dayTOSHIBA LED LIGHTING PRODUCTS:• Provide superior light quality with a variety of color temperatures and distributions• Use up to 85% less energy than incandescent and halogen lamps• Contain no mercury or lead• Reach full brightness instantly• Emit up to 70% less UV rays• Are backed by a Toshiba five-year limited warrantyPleased with the ambient color, precision spot lighting, abundance of savings and energy efficiency of Toshiba’s LED PAR 20s, Mr. Chisholm applauded the efforts of all involved on this project, calling it “superior team effort and product.”Toshiba’s LED Lighting team is committed to offering quality engineered products, unparalleled service and a five-year limited warranty. For more information, visit

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