Led-Stock.com opens A US office focused on importing LED luminaires from China

April 20, 2013
Date Announced: 20 Apr 2013 China is known as the world's factory, and LED-STOCK has signed preferential agreements and macros for the distribution of LED lighting from the leading manufacturers, so we have the direct support from the top Chinese LED manufacturers.The most important difference between LED-STOCK and other LED importers is our huge volume which allows us to improve quality without affecting the price and resulting in more volume adding to this difference every day with the addition of new partners. LED-STOCK also proposes specific product designs for each of the countries in which it operates and our international focus is a guarantee for all our distributors and clients who can count on a customer support backed by a strong company that operates worldwide.Our infrastructure with offices in three powerhouses United States, Europe and China with our own showrooms and warehouse facilities enables us to respond quickly to customer needs, our privileged position allows us to be better informed than the competition, knowing hands on which are the best manufacturers worldwide to take LED lighting to the next level.Since LED-STOCK was created it has committed to the management principles that "The customer is the most important asset, innovation for success, continuous training and effective management". LED-STOCK has converged talent from different industries making us one of the better prepared companies to deal with the rapid growth in the LED market.From the start LED-STOCK has continued to strive to improve their products and services. Today LED-STOCK has trade agreements with the top airlines to place products in any country in the world, we own quality control monitoring systems, quality resources for the distribution of its products, research and development departments updated with all the newest technology, we have the ability to collaborate with many factories that can produce LED products molded to the particular needs of each client.Our philosophy is clear one for all and all for one, this creates a commitment and a culture within our company, a culture of science and technology that are the cornerstone of LED-STOCK, following the course of the global market with a commitment to quality and service building a stronger relationship with our partners worldwide.LED-STOCK complies with UL, FCC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS16949, SHSAS 18001, CE, RHOS, TUV, EMC. Etc. Certifications.One of the most popular itcems in all markets is the T8 LED tube proving to be a reliable solution with savings of up to 67% over the ferromagnetic ballasted fluorescent tube, our LED lighting products that are imported and distributed by LED-STOCK are currently used to illuminate the London Underground.

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